Win more customers with a good sales pitch

Many people wonder what makes a good sales pitch. Or how I can have a quick sales pitch if needed.

How do I gain my clients attention? Most theories used to tell us that you have just a few seconds to impress and attract the customer’s attention, and yes, maybe 3 or 4 seconds; but how do I capture his attention? And how I can be sure my sales pitch is the best for the situation and the person I have in front of me?


Preparation is the key.

We’re attaching a small template to guide you on how to meet this challenge and be prepared to get the immediate attention of your customer.


1. The first thing you must realize is: It’s all about your client.

• Do a search on the Internet about the company, its products and services. Another source for this quick research can be magazines or asking some friends for referrals.
• Do a search on recent newspapers. What’s going on with the company these days?
• Research the person/people you are going to meet.
• Investigate the circle of influence of the people who make the decision; technical decision makers, business decision makers, CFOs, etc.



2. What is the first thing to consider when talking to the customer? His needs and his success, just that.

• Let him speak! Start the conversation in a friendly and relaxed way. Start the conversation with a comment of his office, the place in general, etc., and break the ice. Then ask about him and his work… People like to talk about themselves; but you do not! You are the salesperson! Have a nice conversation and pay sincere attention.
• Understand his problem and get in their shoes. Empathize, not sympathize.
• Focus on solving the customer’s problem.
• Don’t force the sale; if the customer perceives you just want to sell, you create a barrier.


3. Ask intelligent and informed questions.

• Prepare questions ahead and learn them so you can use them in a conversation in a natural way.
• The questions are important, ask them wisely, get informed and prepare them according to the information researched. The questions now help you understand more deeply your customer.


4. Assume that the customer knows more than you.

• The customer has always more knowledge than you do. He probably has done some research on the salesperson and his company and possibly was visited by your competition.
• It’s important to be prepared for some possible objections that could jump during conversation.



5. Monitoring and Action Plan.

• At this stage of the sales pitch, the client won’t make an immediate decision so you must keep track of the opportunity and make a good sales presentation after this meeting.
• Agree with the client the next steps, schedule a date and time immediately. Once you leave the office with the information, the customer can quickly forget the meeting so you must be very clear and documented.
We invite you to download the attached template: What Makes a good sales pitch.


10 thoughts on “Win more customers with a good sales pitch”

  1. Hi Mval!

    I like your content very much-one of the best if not the best guide to “Win a customers with a good sales pitch“. Very straight forward, clear and comprehensible, Very logical step by step method-great illustration with the template. I am saving this site to help guide me to getting more visitors to my site..

    Good points under “General tab”everyone is in sales” is so true.Good lean to WA program under review on “Best online marketing system” since you capture the reader’s interest. Site could use some more visually cosmetic appeal like contrasting text with background, more categories and images. Coming along nicely.

    thanks Tim

  2. I found this very interesting and informative. It’s information that can be very useful. Great post and thanks for sharing. Look forward to new posts. Chris

  3. There’s certainly a lot to learn about this topic.
    I love all the points you made here.
    To be prepared before go to your prospects is the more important thing and this is a really good guide.

    1. Hello Natalie, thank you for you comment, indeed to be prepared before visiting a customer or a prospect is half the way. This guide was built because of that, because I believe you should take the time to be prepare and plan ahead.

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