Why People Unfollow Your Business?

There are many concerns in marketers and business owner on the reasons why people unfollow your business in social media and in real life.

This article explores just three reasons, why I could research are the most common. Of course there are more but these are the more important I found.

First, I like to remember you a post I wrote about what customer hate to hear and those are also reasons, if you repeat those phrases often, people tend to “unlike” your business. Please review: 5 THINGS CUSTOMERS HATE TO HEAR.


Why People Unfollow Your Business?

The three most common reasons are:

1) Too much self-promotion.
2) Too many automatic messages.
3) Improper use of your marketing message.

Let’s take a closer look on each one.


Too much self-promotion

You must be aware that you should promote yourself, that’s right, but little is a good thing. Too much could be exhausting to your customers because you are not promoting enough content, you are not promoting an add value to them.

If you are not promoting customer services then your brand gets weak and people start to leave to other similar brands that provide the information, product and services they are looking for. Specifically the information part.

The content shouldn’t be repetitive or boring or people won’t visit you anymore.


Too many automatic message

Maybe it’s ok that when people try to reach you at your main phone number, you may get an automatic machine to answer the call at first.

The problem here is to use the technique to every communication channel you make available to your customers. Remember everything is about customer services and if your clients, prospect or customer think they can’t reach you, they’ll stop following you.

Invest in a good community manager, or channel manager that gets immediate responses to your customer when they try to communicate with you.

I recently made a review about a pretty good tool you can use to improve your communications, visit my RingCentral review here: EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION FOR THE WORKPLACE.

An effective Comunications Tools Review, click HERE

In my research I found 78% of the people expect an answer within 24 hours of their first communication, 98% expect an immediate answer after they receive their first response.


Improper use of your marketing message

You have to be consisten with your brand. If you represent a firm of telecommunications, don’t publish anything about fitness. Of if you provide nutrition services, don’t sell car parts. That is a big deviation of your purpose.

Your prospects are following you because what you promised, not because whatever you want to sell them.

The poor use of the marketing message, poor use of hashtags and a non consisten strategy can scare your followers and brings a bad image to your brand and your company, or to you if that is the case.

So these are the main reasons why people unfollow your business, if you have some others, please share in te comments below. To your success!

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