Why Become A Salesperson ?

How many of you are wondering Why Become a Salesperson? Does it bring me some benefits? “Sales” is the only profession that bring you freedom and I’ll demonstrate here why.

When I started this blog my first post was a “test post” 🙂 just to see how this works. It was named: EVERYONE IS IN SALES !, it was a short one and with no extraordinary information.

I should wrote this post first, so it can help you to decide if “sales” is the right profession for you. Of course, if you are already in sales, you will find that what I am writing here is true and is important to keep in mind so you keep motivating yourself not to leave this track because, as everybody is in sales (in a certain way) it is true that you will never depend on anybody else but yourself.

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Why Become A Salesperson ?

If you are not in sales, the first thing that you might thing about a salesperson is the typical door-to-door salesperson, or an asistan in a department store. It’s pretty common also, to hear that you are in sales just because you are not at anything else. But nothing can be more far from the truth.

Although is nothing wrong of being a door-to-door or a department store asistan, to be a salesperson is much-much more.

It’s true that in sales you will be treated rudely. People will slam doors in your face, last minute cancel at your appointments or hang up on you for no reason, salespeople are the most strong and more resilient people in the whole world.

But you can also have great gratifications, money can be just one of them.

Some benefits on became a salesperson

All the benefits are for you! And they can be a lot and also very profitable, because, salespeople are here for the money. Money can’t buy happiness, it’s true! but it can buy time, time to go on vacation with your family, time to dedicate to spiritual healing, time to practice a hobby or time to do, whatever you like to do.

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Independence: one of the benefits on why become a salesperson is independence. You can be your own boss. You drive the business, it doesn’t matter what you sell, if you know the sales principles, you can sell anything, not just your company products, but your own. You can find a necessity, develop a product or service and SELL IT!

Problem Solving: as I just said, if you learn how to be good at problem solving, you can rule the world. To help people resolve a problem, will bring you good reputation, that brings you satisfaction and gratification.

Security: you don’t have security at your 9-5 job. At the moment your employer decides to let you go, you lose your security. In sales, it doesn’t matter who you 9-5 employer is, you are your own boss. In sales, you don’t have to be dependent on the whims of other people. You can make things happen.

Family time: my family has shared with me the excitement, the benefits, the fun, the frustrations and anxieties. They can be also, source of your strength and encouragement.

Those are just a few benefits, of course, there are more, like meeting new people, develop new relationships, visit places, travel, have things, etc.

All you can do is to have perseverance and don’t give up, and you find that answer the question on why become a salesperson will have an easy answer.

14 thoughts on “Why Become A Salesperson ?”

  1. This is a great piece of advice, I found this eye-opening reality. I’d like to become a salesperson because I think of freedom, would that be right? I still have some doubts about this.

    1. Hello Callie, become a salesperson is about freedom. If you learn the right techniques you’ll be good. Yes, it is about freedom, you can sell anything to anybody then, you always find a job. Enjoy your journey. You can also take a simple training here: Virtual Training Academy, this is a great place to start. Hope you like it.

  2. This is a great question I’ve been asking to myself in the last few years also. I think to me is more about independency, to work as much as I want to and to know that all my effort rewards me. I have to say I also followed your last recommendation, Virtual Training Academy and I found it terrific.

    1. Hello, Billy, that’s great! Being a sales person is great, there is also a small step to be an entrepreneur. If you know how to sell, you can be anything. I’m also glad to know you like that Blair Singer Academy. It’s a great place to start as an entrepreneur or as a salesperson.

  3. I agree with all of you. Being a salesperson is great for income 🙂 so for whomever is reading this, don’t hesitate it!

    1. Great Mark! That’s the spirit! Sales are about MONEY. That’s it. A salesperson must want to earn money and if you are looking to boost your income, try to sell something.

  4. I like this place and it has so much information on how to learn to be a salesperson. Do you have some other material or places where I can learn how to sell on the Internet?

  5. Hello, I read this and I’m pretty sure it works. And I read your recommendation on the Affiliate Marketing which I definitely want to start, but, what if I have some products to sell? not as an affiliate marketer but as a seller? is this a good way?

    1. Dear Paula, first, thank you for your comment. Affiliate Marketing is a great and secure way to earn money on the Internet. But there is not the only way. Wealthy Affiliate is great and it can teach you to set up your website and how to be successful. But if you are looking a more direct place to sell your products, you can start with Shopify. It is a great place also, very easy and cheap. Read my review here: Shopify Reviews

  6. It’s been very difficult to be a salesperson lately, it’s a hard job and customers are more likely not to be loyal anymore, it makes our job more difficult. But I have to say it is a great satisfaction once you sell something.

    1. Hi Diego, it is difficult, indeed. But, it is great to sale. When you complete a sale you’ve been pursuing for weeks or months, depending on what you are selling of course. It is a great satisfaction to complete a project, and… get paid for it 🙂

    1. Yes, it is great! Sometimes it is very hard but once the things go smoothly, everything gets better. Thank you for leaving a comment Tere. I really appreciate it.

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