Who Is The Best Candidate To Hire?

If you (or your company) sends out a search for an open position and let’s imagine you get two candidates, you may find out with the question “Who Is The Best Candidate To Hire?”

Assuming both candidates fulfill the requisites, you may think that both are good enough and the “logic” tells you the one with the perfect resume and the perfect recommendation letter is the best choice.

Think again!

What about if I tell you that one of them had to fight against tremendous odds to get to the same point? Wouldn’t be the best option someone that knows how to fight adversity?

This could be revealing. And if you are a small business owner or a sales manager, then Who Is The Best Candidate To Hire? is a question not to be taken lightly. Your resources are very important and hire the wrong person could cost you big money.

Who Is The Best Candidate To Hire?

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