What Is The Fear?

What is the fear and why is it holding your dreams? This motivational video will push you out of your fears and make you jump into a new dimension.

As most of the fridays, I’m sharing a video so you can watch it and comment below. This one is about fear.

Fear as I see it, is a feeling, an emotion that keeps you out of “problems” but in the long-term, it also keeps you to grow as a person or as a profesional. The problem with fear is it keeps you from leaving your confort zone.

It’s a little voice inside your head telling you not to do things because it can affect you in some manner.

It’s ok to have fear if you are about to do something stupid like to jump from an airplane without a parachute, but it’s not ok to have fear to take a new job, to start a new business or to try things new.

Hope you like the video and please comment below.

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