What is Digital Marketing?

What is digital marketing? is as good as marketing itself, but digital 🙂 Now, get serious. It is the specific action you apply of marketing concepts to a digital world. Let’s consider only, that there are few different things and advantages about the “physical” marketing.

Digital Marketing Strategies

There is only one thing that is constant in digital marketing: CHANGE.

The digital world moves so fast, that today trends might not be a trend tomorrow. So keeping the ideas flowing is difficult. Companies must pay attention to those changes because people and market segments constantly evolve.

That is a rule now. It does not matter if we are talking about business to consumer or business to business tendencies, so if you are running a business, know that digital marketing is now and important part of it and it is evolving right next to your customer.

Keeping that in mind, increases your probability of success.

Let’s review the 4 most important tendencies nowadays.

What is Digital Marketing

Content Marketing

Have you ever heard the expression: The King is dead, Long live the King!?

And, have you ever heard this one: Content is King!?

Well, both are related to the content you produce for your customers. Lots of companies are taking this way. They are producing add value content and distributing to their customers in order to keep them interesting in the products or services they offer.

But, it is about quality content. Not just things to offer or products to sell, it’s about real and valuable information so you can position yourself or your company as experts or an authority within your market.

This strategy requires investigation, video courses, graphic design and some other considerations. Those are fantastic ways to educate your viewers, followers and customers. It’s not just writing anything, it is about providing high-quality content.

You have to think about this a long-term strategy.

Get an autoresponder, ask your employees to write an article, ask your partners to help you. This will definitely provide some leads and the possibilities to new sales and new contacts. You can give your customers a chance to write something and I’m sure you’ll gain some exposure in your market.

User Experience

Everything now is about your users, your actual customers. Bring something new to them. Provide with a very good content page, but publish some tools to help them with their needs.

For example, start using a ticketing support tool, use of chat tool is also very popular. Open a way to communicate with them through video chat or use an omnichannel strategy.

Redesign your site to be more “likable”. Conduct a focus group with your most important clients and ask them what you need to improve your website and digital presence.

What is Digital Marketing

Automate every task you can

In marketing, automation is quite important. It is about making your life easier.

Use tools like SalesForce, RingCentral, MailChimp, or some others.

You can learn about tools and automation at Wealthy Affiliate.

Depending on your market, you can track your campaigns from Adwords, BingAds, Facebook Ads, etc. Those platforms provide terrific tools to measure the exposure of your brand.

Search Engine Optimization

This is getting more importance as long as digital marketing is getting bigger. SEO are a group of techniques that can help your brand to get a better position in Search Engines, so it is more exposure to your customers and market.

It will bring better organic search rankings and of course, more leads.

To be better at SEO, you must have a good tool, you can find some in the market, but I’ve been reviewing two, you might want to check:

SEO Tool Review

Best Keyword Tool

And, you can check some other posts like Simple SEO Tips For Beginners.

What is most important here beside What is Digital Marketing question, is if I can take those strategies to make my business grow.

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