What are the steps to make a sale?

What are the steps to make a sale?

Whether you want your online business, a small business with own products, a service company, you work for a large corporation, you seek a raise or want to project your image, you must learn that sales are the first pillar to support your income, also customer service, which should be visualized as a subset of sales.

Whatever the task described above, it can become an important source of income and substantially improve the economic situation of a person or a family group. In the end, we all want to live better, have more, eat well, take time to enjoy, take our children to the best schools, providing a better future family, caring for the health of loved ones, knowing the world, be out of debt, take a vacation without the pressure of money, etc. All this can be achieved if we learn to sell better or increase and optimize our time on sales and marketing of products or services.

Don’t worry, don’t be shy, anyone can sell leveraging the strengths that each such person has.



Wealthy is to have a balanced between mind, body and spirit. In this blog, we discuss some issues on these axes so that a person may have enough material and tools to develop these areas. Of course, this webpage was created to meet the objective to help you to increase your sales and skyrocket your income, we’ll provide more material and devote more time and effort to sell both services and products.


Please be patience because we’ll try to develop all products in ways that are very specific, provide a guide and you’ll be able to develop yourself according to your pace and desire.

Unfortunately we can’t promise a 100% success because it doesn’t depend on us but it depends on you. We are here to help you to go step by step on the way to improve your own sales systems but you, dear readers, are the only ones who can decide to go ahead and apply and optimize herein learned to your markets.

Where to begin? There is plenty of information on the subject of the steps to perform the sale.

Just as there is a lot of information, dear follower, there are also many versions of a series of steps to make a sale. We explain our own theory.

The first step and that many authors can ignore and go on is the most important for us because here, the development of all personnel strategy / corporate sales is based.

Step 1: Know thyself.boy-69723_640

The aphorism “Know thyself” is very old and many authors recognize it as of Greek origin, which is concise and coherent view of how a fact that all human beings should know: ourselves, so that it is reflected in understanding others, know our strengths and weaknesses so we can understand the people with whom we interact better.

Mainly self-knowledge allows us to understand how we think, what we like to do and in the case of sales, use our strengths to bring service to others in the best way possible.

The increase in sales and thus the improvement in income can’t be given if we do not serve others. Sales is a noble profession, not to force delivery of a product or service, but rather meet a need that our customers or prospective client has.

Everything should be about meeting the need and how can I solve those customer needs without knowing. How can I discover if I don’t know the client? How can I meet my client if I don’t know myself? We will discover some authors later in case you want to examine a specific topic and as we promised, tools for overcoming these steps.

In future posts we will develop a little bit more this topic.



Step 2: Prospect

A prospect is the person who hasn’t purchased anything but has a need (all of them have) and you want to solve it. We aren’t making a difference here between what is a real need or a desire for a good or service, because at this stage we do not know the person and we don’t know what is happening in his head.

Prospects… there are many… many as such individuals and organizations exist, but you have to find the right prospects for your product or service.

For example, you own a clothing store and a person enters your store, you’ve gained a lot and it is very different from making cold calls (cold calling to be discussed later) to find a customer for our company. Also, if you own an online store, you need to understand what your niche is and what problem it solves to this client group.

A good prospect is not only willing to listen because it has a real need, but has money to buy and decision-making power within his company.

This is one of the hardest lessons to be learned in real life and, until you don’t live it in the flesh, you can’t understand the full extent. It is very disappointing to realize that we can spend much of our productive time in a prospect that after months of work he comes with a quote like this: “Okay, now I’ll try to find the budget and I hope they give me it for this fiscal year, or else, we can see it again next year”, I assure you that at that time they can change your mind. Another example: “Okay, now I need to ask my boss to see if I get permission to buy “; or this one: “Excellent, So now, I’ll ask my wife and if she really likes that table, we’ll be back another day”; and so on.

Step 3: Identify the customer needs

1182879_31407637One of the major beliefs (erroneous) on sales is that the sales person must have very good verb, talk a lot, explaining every detail of the product and tire out our listener with great explanations of why they should buy.

It is quite the opposite, we must first identify the customer needs and for this we should ask; but not only that he tells us an answer to a direct question; we must get to know him well.

It is important to empathize with the prospect, listen to what they do, how they performed, with whom he relates; the client must be able to talk and talk all he wants.

All people feel comfortable talking about them and you can established a link which is generated and personal similarities begin to appear with the you; this creates greater empathy and you’ll become a friend of the prospect. And that is fine! But it should not be a force a relationship; it should be a natural process.

One of the most rewarding experiences as a salesperson is getting to know the prospect and establish a friendly relationship with the person, but a real relationship, where at the end of the business transaction, you can feel good about helping a friend meet his needs.

Step 4: Show the product

businessman-607785_640Once we understand the need of our friend, our prospect, proceed to prepare a sales presentation.

Like many other topics listed above, in other posts we will talk extensively about how to do a successful presentation and provide some templates to facilitate your work to our dear readers.

For now, the important of the presentation is not, nor will ever, all the possibilities that our customer can do with the product, we should not interested nor show features and all the things it does.

The goal of our sales presentation is to prove our products or services can efficiently solve our customer needs. Demonstrate how it solves each of the things he needs and how we can do it better and faster than our competition.

Note that one must know oneself, but the goal of personal growth in sales is not overcome oneself, we can rely it on a course of self-help and it’s always important! But in the world of sales, in order to improve we should overcoming our competition; people don’t earn commission for not selling; this will be widely discussed in the future.


Step 5: Handling objections

Presentation will suggest many questions and doubts, it is normal and objections shouldn’t be taken personally or as a rejection to the product. Objections must be taken as an opportunity to learn a little more in depth our customer needs.

It is very important to be taking the objections and solving them one by one. Here plays how much knowledge we possess of our products, our services, our company and how some emotional intelligence can lead to change the objections into real opportunities to sell even more.

Objections may lead to cross-selling or upselling, we will detail these concepts in future posts. For now it is important to know that there are different techniques to answer them with confidence and convince our customers that our solution is the best one in assisting him to solve his problems

Asking questions persuades, answering objections convince.

The most common objections is the price and is important both within the presentation as within objections leave it for the end because once the customer sees your product solve their need, the price is no longer the most important aspect and it becomes another part of the negotiation.

Step 6: Closing the sale

T1065245_79106935he closing of the sale is the process by which some vendors finally see our job done successfully; but some make the mistake in thinking the sale ends here.

Closing a sale is actually a stage that started from the sales presentation, perhaps even earlier, but for our purposes, we need to look for signs in all stages of this circle that indicate that the process is on the right track.

So then, as the sales presentation is important, it is also getting constant feedback about the product.

Once the presentation is finished and all the objections are answered, we can close the deal. There are several ways to ask for the purchase order and they depend on the situation and product you have on hand.

Step 7: Restart the cycle of other products through customer relationship

This is where the prospect becomes a customer.circle-311551_640

Once the salesperson leaves your customer with the purchase order, with his signed contract, or if the customer leaves a store having ice cream, we feel satisfied with our work, but it doesn’t have to end there.

Sales and marketing methods must be developed: flyers, follow-up emails and new offerings; call this customer satisfaction, and since the customer is our friend and we know him well; we can find some other needs to repeat the sales cycle.

It is important to sell, but even making the customer a recurring customer; generating us, hopefully assured and steady income. and the possibilities for future income increase sales. It is at this point where it really triggered and boost your income.

Step 8: References

A stage that is not part of the same sales cycle on a client; but is extremely important, is to achieve this customer satisfied with your purchase so he can promote our services and reference us to other prospects.

It is easier to sell when you get referenced to another prospect from a satisfied customer that to start from scratch with the same; there is a step already gained because of confidence and thanked to the recommendation.

This was a small white-paper that explains the sale process or sales circle. We invite you to follow us on our social networks and our website where we’ll be getting more detailed.

Following our promise to share materials and tools to help you in your quest to boost your income, enclose a link so you can download an infographic of the sales lifecycle so you can always have in mind, the most important highlights of each step.



They say that our brain thinks in pictures and that is why we believe that our tools, the most graphic, can help you better record this processes in your mind.

See you soon,

In Sales Now! team.

4 thoughts on “What are the steps to make a sale?”

  1. As your next post states, we are all in sales one way or another. This is a very good summary of the sales process.

    Many people cringe when they hear that they might have to “sell.” They are always afraid it means beating up our relatives and friends or invading other’s privacy. It does work that way, sometime, I guess, but we really are trying to find people who want what we have.

    Doing it online makes it a bit easier because we wait for those people to come to us.

    1. Hello, you’re right, sometimes you get scared when you hear the world “sales” but is a matter of following the steps one by one; no one should think that invades anyones privacy. If you do not ask, the answer is always no (we’ll write another post), please follow us because soon we’ll post more topics and some infographics to help with these issues. Thank You!

      Update: You may want to read our post about Ask A Question, Get An Answer on how to ask and get a Yes as an aswer.

  2. Your site is very professional and informative. i love how you broke down the sales process, even a newbie like me had no trouble understanding the process. i’ll bookmark your site.Great work.

    1. Thank you very much for your comment!. We’ll put an Infographic on this and later we will put some tools to bring each of these steps one by one, as checklist and tips for presentations. Thank You!

      Update: you may want to read the infographic about Simple Steps for Success, follow them and enjoy your success.

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