Start Free Home Based Business

If you aspire to be your own boss, take heart! We want to teach you how to start a free home based business and make some money!

The world has moved very rapidly with the adoption of the Internet, so why not use it for this purpose?

From home, you can start almost any business, even for free, without investing much money. You can start it while keeping your current job and for most people, this is highly recommendable because here I’m not suggesting that you quit your job and devote solely to this new business.

Keep reading and I’ll show you how to start for free!

Start Free Home Based Business

Building a business undoubtedly takes time, no matter what its nature is, there are no magic formulas. What is certain is that making use of the tools the internet provides you can quickly develop a business with global projection and with patience and determination make that extra income, an income that will allow you to engage to this for the rest of your life.

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What should we do to start a business?

First, find what it is you want to do.

It’s very important to begin with something we are passionate about, that we love, that we enjoy developing, for two obvious reasons. First, because it’s going to make our journey nicer while we develop our passion and we share our knowledge with others. Second, because if we feel like giving up, we will keep going because we like it and not because it’s our duty.

Can you make money on the Internet?

Yes, sure you can! Some have earned pennies, others a lot, some dedicate to this endeavor the rest of their lives. It’s the latter what we are looking for, remember that every effort requires many practice hours to make it sustainable.

What are the advantages of the Internet? That the effort made at the beginning is valid for the rest of the time the business is online. For example, a post written on day one is present on the Internet until the last day of this and if the post has some kind of advertising or affiliate link, it can generate money later in the future.

Before proceeding to explain how to make money on the Internet, it’s important that faithfully believe that money comes from helping others, as Zig Ziglar, one of the best sellers of all times used to say.

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar

Process for making money on the Internet

Now, what is the most basic process to make money online? Take a look at the following picture.

Making money process

This is what stands out: there is a person looking for information on the Internet (most people come here first) comes to your web page, finds a reference for a product or service, follows the link you recommended, buys at the store you recommended and you earn a commission (this is called affiliate marketing).

This person could come to your site, not follow the link but click on the add you placed, and you also won a commission for that click (this is PPC).

In fact, they can get to a link you recommended that has little to do with a web page, it can direct traffic to a YouTube channel, through a reference on Twitter, Facebook or any other social network.

The system can become more complex with time, and that’s the idea, as you master the Internet techniques, you can even commercialize your own product on an online store.

Traditional sales techniques also apply to the online consumer, called customer 2.0. It will explain step by step their evolution with more detail.

Next steps?

Once you have an idea of your niche (or even if you don’t have this idea), we must begin building a website. One moment! This post was about how to build a business for free and a web page requires a designer and someone who knows a lot about this! …Wrong! This can remain free and we are going to show you how. What you can do by yourself without investing any money.

Some time ago we wrote a post about Wealthy Affiliate, (you can read about it HERE), but I’m summarizing the most important thing. WA is a site that we recommend you to try today as soon as you finish reading this post.

Click here to start your online education fast and for free.

WA requires a signing-up and allows you to have 2 websites for free. Using a WordPress platform, a system used by more than 65% of the Internet website of the world. In the first WA course that you take (which remains free), you will be taught how to handle the site, in a graphic and friendly way, without writing a single line of code, to choose colors, plugins, widgets, etc., and let you build a very professional site for your purpose.

The next graph, taken from Open Source CMS shows how important is WordPress to Internet.

Open CMS WordPress


WA will teach you, step by step, how to position your website in popular search engines, primarily Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

That will help you bring traffic to your web page.


Sure this has its science.

Later on, you’ll learn about affiliate marketing and how to register with companies to promote their products or business networks. in this way, you will be taught to associate with these groups and place specific links to your accounts that will allow you to track the number of clicks your products receive and for which you will win a commission if you sell these products.

And so far you will do all of this for free! You have not had to invest a cent.

Moreover, WA is a community of people, and once you sign-up, you have the opportunity make queries and interact with other people who already made and are doing the same as you, and learn from them. As you become more skilled, you will help others do the same.

That is why we recommend WA as the launching platform of an online business.

Also, if you want to go deeper and deeper, you can go into more specialized courses, hours of online classes, previous courses recordings, an interactive chat and a great number of tools (including a keyword research tool).

The free membership is not a trial period thing. It’s forever. With this FREE resource you can:

  • Have a Starter account
  • Have two free websites
  • Access to the online certification course
  • And begin to make some money!


When you are ready, you’ll have the option to upgrade to a PREMIUM membership.

To make it easier, the first month of the PREMIUM has a lower cost to help you take advantage and get to know these advanced resources. After that, if you like it, you can continue with the regular monthly fee or pay a whole year in advance, which will save you a lot of money. If you should choose to the yearly membership, you would have access to education from the best website to develop an online business, for less than $1 a day. In this regard, a meditation:

Would you be willing to invest $1 a day on education and tools that allow you to earn more than that, let’s say $2 a day? Or $5 a day?

Yes, I am ready to begin now for FREE

If you decide to go Premium, you can even host as many websites as you like (not just 2) and have several business niches that represent multiple incomes.

But don’t let us get carried away, let’s continue with the free part.

You will learn to manage your site in the best way, add videos, add it to social networks, etc.

So far, you have a website, you will generate important and useful content for your potential customers, you will learn how to bring traffic (people) to your site through online search engines, social networks, etc., you will be enrolled into affiliate marketing (also free), you will recommend products that you believe in, and when your visitors buy, you will earn a commission.

Let’s see… mmm… can I do all of it for free and earn money? Can I do all of this from home?

Yes to all! Just one thing missing! Collect those checks and payments to begin improving your life.

Remember, these are simple steps, not a magic formula. It requires time and work.

Check again the WA review, click the link and sign-up today. Start now, it costs you nothing. Don’t waste time.

I hope to be reading your website and buying from your recommendations links very soon!

Our best wishes on this endeavor.

Marco V.
In Sales Now! team

10 thoughts on “Start Free Home Based Business”

  1. I’m really interested in my home based business, does this really work? I’ve never wrote a website… I don’t know where to start. Do you need to be a technology information person? do you need to hire one?

    1. Hello Ile, thank you for your comment. It’s really, but really important what you’re asking. Let me explain a little bit further.

      Yes! this really works, this website is the best example of it.
      You don’t need to be an expert or hire one. That’s the main idea of this post. WordPress is a very nice and friendly tool, it provides you with lots of plugins, tools, etc., you don’t need to be an expert.
      Wealthy Affiliate helps you step-by-step to be the expert. It’s better to sustain your own business, you can develop it at your own peace and you’ll enjoy everything in the way.

      Follow these steps and you won’t regret it.

  2. This is a very good post, I must say, I’ve been looking for some way to start a home based business and I never thought I could do it without being an expert. I really like the way you explain it. I hope I can start soon. Is there any other advice about Internet Businesses?

    1. Hello, I’m glad you like this post. There are lots of information about an Internet Business you must consider, but first, you may start as I said in this post. There will be lots of additional post on this topic. You may also want to read a post about Keyword Tools HERE, that you can read and it’s important to your Internet Business.

  3. Hello Marco. This is a very important post. I’ll bookmark it so I can review it once again. I want to tell you this will be my first step to start my internet business. I love that picture, it explains the process in a very good way.

  4. Hello,
    I have read the post and I am very much interested to do this , but can any body make me understand verbally. because some tome we better understand by presentation instead of reading. Request you to kindly provide any contact no to whom I can talk.
    Thanking You

    1. Hello Ambuj, of course. We are here to help you. I just sent you an email and I saw you subscribe to WA. I contacted you there and also, Kyle, the owner of the platform gave you some advices. I’ll be willing to help you.

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