Some Ways To Make Quick Money

I will show you some ways to make quick money that are real and you can repeat them once in a while for extra cash if you need it.

But please consider, normally, quick money is a short-term strategy, you have to build a solid long-term strategy in order to get more money and establish a solid strategy that can provide you with a constant source of income.

The tips you are about to read can help you make a quick $100, test them and let me know how this works.

Some Ways To Make Quick Money

One of the easiest way to make quick money is by selling things you already have. For this, there are some ways to do it:

Some Ways To Make Quick Money 1

1. Have a Garage Sale. This is the most popular way. Look for everything you have in your house you haven’t use it in the last six months, do you have a collection of magazines you don’t read anymore? Is there a table you don’t want? are you keeping old tires from your last car? Think of everything you don’t need, put it a price and send it to your garage. With this, you don’t have to even move from home.

2. Sell your items on eBay: taking advantage on new technologies, you can sell everything on eBay and you will have a even larger community to address with your stuff.

3. If you have lots of movies, music, books in good shape, you can also sell them in Amazon. These kind of items work better here than in eBay.

4. Do you have unused gifts cards? Why don’t you sell them on a lower price and you’ll find they go quickly out of your pockets.

5. Sell your used cell phones, smartphones, iPads, iPods and computers. You won’t imagen how many people are looking for old technology. If they are recent and in a good condition, lots of people can reuse them and if not, there are lots of students and people urging to experiment with them.

6. Do you have some jewellery you don’t use? Actually, by Oct 2015 gold and silver at a no good price, but if you need the money you can sell them. Of course we don’t recommend it if they have sentimental value. Don’t overestimate emotional value.

7. Musical instruments will do better. You can sell them on Craigslist or you can sell them to music stores. Brand new musical instruments are pretty expensive so you can be sure you can sell them used by good money.

Some Ways To Make Quick Money 2

8. Do you have some manual crafts ability? If you can make handicrafts you also can sell them, there are always people that like this and it can be a hobby.

9. Do you think you can work some extra hours at work and collect extra cash? That can also be possible.

10. Maybe your employer or someone you know that have a business can pay you a commission if you refer customers or maybe you can negotiate part of the commission of a salesperson at your company.

I’m going to leave this post here and I’ll write future posts on some ways to make quick money, there are thousands but try these ten at first and we can come back for some others later.

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  1. This is my first time go to see at here and i am really pleasant to read all at one place. It’s great to read this ways, they are like an eye opening situation because I didn’t realize they are at hand.

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