Smart Goals Examples And How To Set Them

The main idea of this blog is to help you set up some personal development goals examples. Personal development is a very important issue to attack if you want to improve your sales skills; if you remember our post about sales steps the first one is to know thyself.

Knowing people starts with knowing ourselves. It’s very important if you set up your goals at first, but we’d like to recommend you to start with your personal goals, and how those first goals help to develop your personality, your character and your skills to begin the path to your success in the sales and business world.




First of all, you need to know where you are right now, for example, ask yourself some of these questions: am I good talking to people? Do I like people? Am I good at oral presentation? How is my writing? Do I feel happy at what I am doing right now?

Once you have your answers, establish where you want to go. Here’s some other questions you need to ask yourself: Do I want to improve my presentation skills? Do I want to be a better person? Do I want to be a better businessperson? How much money do I want to earn the next year? Double? Triple? …with these questions we’re looking for you to have a clearer idea of what you want. Look for those answers to make you feel a little uncomfortable, for example: I want to earn twice the amount I’m earning now…why is that uncomfortable? One simple answer, if I’m earning $30,000 a year, probably I must leave my actual job to earn twice as that… or I need to start a business but I don’t know how to or I have no time, etc., we’ll worry about that later; for now, dream big! But be realistic, dream about what you believe is going to happen.



The first time you do this, it can be very difficult, but keep trying and keep practicing those answers until you feel comfortable with the sentences you read every time.

What is this for? For personal development you need to know where to go and where you’re to begin your journey. You now have both starting and ending point. What’s next?

First, make yourself 100% responsible for the decisions you took in the past, and let them go, you can’t change them. And from now on, make yourself 100% responsible for the decisions you’re about to make… No complains! No doubts! Believe in your capacity; you need to think this is possible.


Write your goals following the next ideas we recommend:

  1. Ask questions to know where you are now, your starting point.
  2. Ask yourself where you want to go.
  3. Keep the sentences short.
  4. Feel uncomfortable with your ideas, if you feel fear you’re on the right track.
  5. Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone.

Before going to step 6 of our little guide, you need to know how to write your goals:

Follow these simple steps:

  • You need your ideal moment (i.e. earn $60,000; be a good speaker, etc.).
  • You need your time frame (by next year, next month, tomorrow, May 6th, etc.).
  • Include all the details you need.


One more example: Idea: I’d like to sell 500 lamps so I can buy a new car. Goal: I’ll sell 12 lamps per week for the next 42 weeks and with the benifts, I’ll buy me a nice blue Chevy Malibu.



Keep in mind you want to keep track of your goals, start with three o four until you find your one and only method to make this come true… yes, you hear me, you need to find your own method, we can provide a guide but you must do the trial and error phase.




Coming back to the process:

  1. Write your goals.
  2. Read them every day.
  3. Visualize your desire result every time you read them. Take a couple of minutes here to enjoy your imagination.
  4. Review your results once in a while so you can adjust your goals, but for improving them, not for accommodating them to your results.

Now, there are many ideas how to achieve your goals and those are out of this post (we promise we’ll cover them in the future), but you must act even if you’re afraid; don’t be shy, those are the objectives you need to pursue to accomplish your dream life.

To be a good salesperson (or even a good person) and boost your income, you need to be very assertive with what you want and everything begins with your personal development.

Download this infographic on how to set up some goals for personal development:

smart goals example infographic

In future posts we’ll help you write action plans for those objectives and how to achieve them faster. Please, keep coming to visit our page.

In Sales Now ! team.



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  1. You have a great website. I Look forward to seeing more of it. The visuals and aesthetics are very pleasing. Keep up the great work. I personally believe that goals are the base foundation for anything and learning proper ways to establish and achieving them is crucial, keep up the great work on your website.

  2. I agree that goals are quite important and plentiful among successful individuals. They must be specific, achievable, and will get you where you want to go as a result. I appreciate this post.

    1. Thank you for visiting us… please coming back and subscribe to our newsletter! We’ll send more practical information, guides, templates and everything for different topics. Glad you liked it.

  3. Thank you for letting us know these examples! These are great. I never understood what SMART mean but now I read your article I find it most useful. By chance, do you have another guide I can follow?

    1. Hello Monique. It’s great it is working for you. SMART is a well used and proved technique to follow to make your goals achievable. We made a review a few weeks ago about a terrific guide of a Goal Planner. You may want to take a look at it here: REVIEW: GOAL PLANNER, it’s from Brian Tracy, one of the most recognized sellers and motivators of all time. Hope you enjoy it.

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