Simple SEO Tips For Beginners

This simple SEO tips for beginners will help you to develop your site and get traffic to it in a real simple way, no matter if you are just beginning your blog or you already have a running site.

If you have been an habitual reader of In Sales Now !, and I hope so 🙂 you should notice I am adding a new category to this sales and marketing site. It is about On line Business. This is particular important because I believe the future of sales and marketing is well related to Internet Businesses.

This is why I am intended to post this simple SEO tips for beginners. Although this particular website is about six months old, I’ve been working with Internet and Networking for almost fourteen years now and I have been in sales for the last seven years. This can help you and me to be clear about positioning on major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!

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My departure point here is you already begun your training. At least, you are running your FREE website. If not, please check START YOUR FREE HOME BASED BUSINESS, you can start for free and the tips I am about to explain can help you with it.

Is SEO important?

Yes, it is. SEO, Search Engine Optimization, really is important because it drives web traffic to your site. The problem is lots of website owners don’t know about SEO and they don’t get the results they are looking for.

Let’s begin with these simple SEO tips, and if future posts, we can explore some more complex elements.

First Simple SEO Tips For Beginners: SEO Plugin

Let’s begin with your plugins. They should be SEO friendly. As I stated at START YOUR FREE HOME BASED BUSINESS, using WordPress as your platform, you can use plug-ins to help you with this task.

The most popular and downloaded SEO plugin is “All in One SEO”.

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This plugin is perfect for beginners, this has a lot of options Out-of-the-box and you can install and go. It optimizes titles, generate meta tags, support custom types, everything for search engines.

Install it and in every post fill in the blanks related to title, descriptions and keywords. Only these options, remember, this post is for beginners and it supposed to be fun:

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Meta Description is pretty important at this step because it can help you with two particular things:

  • It gives the Search Engines an idea what your site is about.
  • It gives your audience a glimpse your post is about.

Second Simple SEO Tips For Beginners: Images

Let’s see now your images. They should be SEO friendly. As I stated at START YOUR FREE HOME BASED BUSINESS, using WordPress as your platform, you can use set image attributes related to your content, all images should have ALT and TITLE attributes defined.

Let’s also supposed you already selected your keyword for your new article. If you don’t know what a keyword is, I recommend you read again our post REVIEW: BEST KEYWORD TOOL.

For this particular post, I choose “Simple SEO Tips For Beginners” as a keyword and as title for this article. I look and downloaded 4 pictures to use here, I renamed those files to match my selected keyword as you can see in the next picture:

Simple SEO Tips For Beginners Fig1

Then, I upload them to the MEDIA tab on my WordPress site, and when I add them here, I write the ALT attribute for every image, as follows:

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Third Simple SEO Tips For Beginners: Keyword

I explained a lot of keywords at my post BEST KEYWORD TOOL, you can read it on further detail.

Jaaxy best keyword tool example 2

Fourth Simple SEO Tips For Beginners: Links

Linking strategy is also important to consider. Your site will have two link types: internal and external.

Internal is, i.e. like this post, relate to some other places within your website. External is when you link to external websites.

When using internal links, you should choose the links by yourself using the tool in your wordpress site, don’t just use plugins because they don’t know your site as good as you do, follow the example below:

Simple SEO Tips For Beginners 0 Fig5

For external linking, choose the ones you like and are related to your content, don’t be afraid to show the Search Engines you are providing content and you are confident your readers come back later even if you send them to other sites.

For example and to be consistent with my writing, i recommend you check Reliable Soft, I think is a serious company and oriented for more advanced users.

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A final though about it:

There are lots of tips and things to do to improve your online business, I just really hope by now, you started your FREE ONLINE BUSINESS because it also takes time and patience. Don’t doubt even if you don’t make money in the first six months. Just keep trying, create content and follow these simple SEO tips for beginners.

I hope you success!

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  1. Ѵеry nice article, just what I wanted to find. There are lots of topics about SEO and I didn’t know where to start and this just give me a pushed. These are simple but I read somewhere else are essential. Thank you for letting us know these tips.

    1. Hello Connie, thank you for leaving a comment. I appreciate it. SEO is what all marketers should be looking for because it can help us to rank in better places. I supposed you found this page in first page of some Engine, so it is a prove it works. In future posts, I’ll be writing more about this subject.

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