Shopify Reviews

Talking about making money on The Internet, I’d liked to present you with some Shopify Reviews and characteristics of the platform so you can decide if this is for you and your business.

Shopify Reviews 5

Shopify Reviews

Building an e-commerce platform is hard. Depending on the technology you want to use, could be easier but usually is not. I’ve built a couple of e-commerce platforms for my clients and I got to say that we, as developers, look for the easiest way to do it.

Then I decided to try Shopify and guide one of my friends who wanted to develop his own online store, and I got to say, it’s incredibly simple and easy to use.

Do you already have a store or looking to build one? You got to keep reading so I’ll present it to you one of the best tools I’ve come across.shopify reviews

As today (Feb 21st, 2016), Shopify has around 243,000 online shops and processes over $12 billion worth of sales. With that numbers, you are definitely meeting one of the most mature platforms in the market.


Shopify offers to their customer more than 100 themes (templates) so it is highly probable that your online shop will look as you want to, some of them are free, some are paid.

You can also develop tools or apps so you can extend the functionality of your store. Actually, there are like 1,100 different apps, again, free or paid, so you can use as a plugin to your online store.

Some of these functionalities are social media, reporting, marketing, inventory management, customer service, etc.

Also, their support is 24/7 through phone, live chat or email.

Before going into further detail, let’s watch the next video so you get an idea how to build your store and the basic picture.

If that video shows you everything you need to know, click the next banner so you can start your free 14-day trial.

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If you need to know a little bit more let’s review those features in more detail.

Basic PROs of Shopify

1. It offers more than 100 themes. You will have to choose the best one that fits your needs or your taste. Your site will definitely look great. There is a theme store where you can get these templates from their collection. If you have your products from a particular industry like clothing, jewelry, art, etc., then you can get a specific theme that matches your marketing. These themes are certified for Shopify so they are fully compatible.

2. You can add lots of functionalities and tools. In other platforms these are known as plugins, here, they are called Apps. There is an App Store where you can get them for free or paid and as today, there are above 1,000 different apps. This is the biggest strength of this digital platform.

3. Their support is a true 24/7. It has some numbers around the world so you can call at the one according to your region. You can also reach them through live chat or by email. This can make sure your platform is always up and running.

shopify reviews

Basic CONs of Shopify

Although this is a great platform, it also has some CONs you may need to know before signing up. I think they are not a problem if you are making sales but let’s check them.

1. Transaction Fee. In addition to a monthly fee, Shopify charges its customers something between 0.5% and 2% transaction fee. This is because they need to cover some variable costs based on technology. If you get more transactions, they have to cover more bandwidth costs.

2. Most of the Apps are paid apps, and some of them charge you a monthly fee. But consider if the apps were made for you to have a better site and make your life easier, that shouldn’t be a problem.

3. Shopify uses a proprietary language so even if you hire a programmer (HTML or CCS), it is not easy to customize your site. Shopify experts could be more expensive than any other programmers.

shopify reviews


I’m sharing another video, this time from Google Small Business YouTube video channel, this is what they claimed from Forrester, one of the best and more respectable research firms of the world, e-retail sales in the United States are expected to grow 57% in the next few years.

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This is a commercial video and if you want to skip it, you can do it.

Who is it for?

Shopify is ideal for entrepreneurs that want to launch an online shop. You don’t have to be an expert programmer so it makes so easy to start your online strategy.

Let the experts manage your technology issues and concentrate on the thing that really matter to your business like products, services or marketing.

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With the POS functionality, you can integrate your retail store and turn your iPad into a sales terminal.

It is also for beginners (of course for experts too), but it is really easy to use. Just get used to it with the available training and if you have specific and difficult questions, you have an excellent online support.

You will have tools to do some of the following:

  • Insert product images and descriptions
  • Manage you inventory
  • Organize products
  • Creating blogs (this is good for SEO)
  • Track customers and order details
  • Accept payments

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Design and functionability

Shopify ReviewsThere are many options to improve your site. As I wrote above, there are lots of design templates to chose from. These templates give you the professional look to your site that will build trust and credibility.

This definitely will help you to sell more.

If you want to add features, you can add Apps. This will help you to automate some of your business tasks like accounting, marketing tools, inventory management, shipping and customer service among others.

Probably, the most valuable apps are the customer service apps. These apps will improve the way you communicate with your clients.


Mobile e-Commerce

It is incredibly how Shopify improves the mobile e-commerce capabilities of your online store. It includes free shopping cart features so your customer can browse and purchase your products from your store directly from their mobile phones.

It supports iPhones, Androids, Blackberry and other smartphones.

shopify reviews

Technology, Support and tutorials

I’m not going to explain more than I already do, but it is really important to have a good support and with this topic, Shopify group of experts are the best that can help you with any issue you may have.

Your monthly plan includes your host for your online shop. And you’ll have an unlimited amount of bandwidth.

They also take care of the security of your site, this will take away one important headache from you. You site will be PCI complaint, which is the standard of secure processes in the finance world, and it includes an SSL certificate with 128-bit encryption technology.


The pricing varies depending on your selected plan. You can start for free with a 14-day trial and then choose the plan that better suits your needs. Here is and example of the pricing table. I recommend you to check the Shopify site once in a while to see if there is a discount promotion or similar.

shopify reviews

Let’s consider if you are looking something for free, Shopify won’t provide it. You can get a free website by reading about another platform we use: Wealthy Affiliate, check our review here.

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But, if you are a businessman and knows about investments, compare your physical store to one Shopify store and you’ll be pretty sure that this is really a small investment.

Conclusion and Recommendation

At the end of this page, you can check the main points on this, but basically, to me, it is one of the best places you can build your e-commerce platform.

It is a very strong shop builder, it has everything you need to build a successful store. Of course, you have to consider this is a great place but it doesn’t do magic, you need to put your effort to run any business, and an online one is not an exception.

Next, there is a 30-minute video about How to Start an Online T-Shirt Business. It’s just a business case if you want to check it out.

Shopify Reviews – Free Trial

Shopify offers you a 14-days trial. It is risk-free so you can test all the features for yourself, I recommend you to try it. They are not asking for your credit card, so this is a financial risk for free. Just click the link below to start.

shopify reviews

So, if you decided to go this way, let us know your experience and if you have some other opinions or Shopify Reviews, we really appreciate to hear them from you.



Simple to use


Professional Themes


Powerful apps




Support 24/7



  • It is really a simple and easy way to build your business
  • It has lots of professional themes
  • Above 1,000 apps to add features
  • Excellent support system
  • Different plans that suits your needs


  • Transactions fees
  • Many apps could be expensive