SEO Tool Review

This is a popular topic nowadays when you are about to launch your own website. I’m doing an SEO Tools Review that is quite good and very simple to use that I’m sure will help you in your success of your online business and your online sales.

A couple of months ago I did a review on Jaaxy, which is a very cool tool but I stopped and think that we can review a more simple tool and that it is why I wrote this post.

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SEO Tool Review

The SEO Tool Review I’m writing about is Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool (WA KT). It’s free if you have a Premium account and you can test it while you are on your free membership, at least on the first week.

Why is this important?

SEO Tools ReviewYour site has to be SEO optimized if you want it to rank on Google or any other Search Engine, and bring traffic to your site. That is the main reason you need to do a reasonable keyword research.

There are a few keyword tools in the market, some of them are free and some are paid, and they offer you different add values to their proposals.

But, if you are looking for a simple SEO keyword tool to improve your website rankings, this may be your Review.

Don’t get me wrong, it is simple but powerful and it gives you accurate results on your search so you can make better decisions.

Getting an example

Let’s start with an example of a specific case. Let’s imagine you are a veterinarian that runs your own online business, you look for customers and add appoints on your site, but you provide an added value talking about animal care in your blog, at the same time you recommend some products, from food to toys and your physical customer as your virtual customers, take your recommendation and buy, you earn a commission, you make money.

That sound’s great, isn’t it?

But, how a virtual customer visit your site if they are not related with your veterinarian clinic or your pet shop (whatever you run).

This is where SEO comes into place and this SEO Tool Review may help you.

Step by Step

Let’s follow the next steps.

First, you must create a Wealthy Affiliate account. Don’t worry, it’s Free, so if you want to follow this exercise, you can get it.

Ok, now that you have it done, you can do as they suggest by completing your personal profile, this is a recommendation and it is just for a better experience within the community.

If you haven’t heard anything about Wealthy Affiliate, you can read my review here:

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Let’s pick the Keyword Tool on the left sidebar column.

SEO Tools Review

This brings you to a page like this one:

SEO Tools Review

Let’s pick a random keyword (I’m not expert as a veterinarian, I have two dogs, that’s it) 🙂 Let’s look for: “dogs food”, hit the blue button and let’s see the results:

SEO Tools Review

I’m just showing part of the results. You’ll see there are many options and variants to this keyword. If I’m a veterinarian, I’ll save all the keywords for future references, niche, and make money online 🙂

Now, hitting the column Searches you can order the keywords for searches. But, let’s examine the first keyword by clicking “View Result”.

A pop-up window opens with some searches from your competition:

SEO Tools Review

What it is to look here, is the “total results” that in this case is 361.

It is not a general rule, but it will be easier for you to look for keywords with more than 50 searches every month, and less than 300 in a competition. So, this is good for searches but not for competition.

Let’s take a look at another keyword in the same result sheet: “best dog food for allergies”. This keyword has about 809 searches. Click the “View Result” and you’ll see something like this:

SEO Tools Review

Then you’ll see 162 results. This is way so much better.

I’ll leave this particular exercise here, because, you could write about this keyword. Write an impressive content review, look for affiliate links, like the ones below (I looked for them in Amazon):

SEO Tools Review

And that’s it.

So, again, this is your job:

  • Put in practice this SEO Tool Review
  • Sign up for Wealthy Affiliate
  • Do your Keyword Research
  • Write very useful content
  • Add affiliate links
  • Earn money through commissions

In the back-end, what happens is:

  1. People have dogs
  2. Their dogs have some allergies to some food
  3. People love their dogs and look for food allergies
  4. They see your website in the first page in Google
  5. People read your recommendation as an expert because of your Review
  6. They follow your links
  7. They buy
  8. You get paid

It’s that simple.

This process is not possible if you are not doing SEO to your site because it would be broke at step 4.

Powerful observation

Let’s take another look at the first result from the Keyword too.

Look two SEO recommendations for content: 1) They website has the keyword in the URL and 2) it is also in the meta description of the article. They rank first!

SEO Tools Review

Final conclusions on SEO Tool Review

There are very good training within Wealthy Affiliate, for example, you can read “How to Use the WA Keyword Tool?” for more specifics

SEO Tools ReviewAt the end, this SEO Tool Review is about a specific one and very simple, but powerful and effective and I hope you really like it and help you with your online sales and business.

Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool

FREE and Premium



Gives you Searches


Gives you Competition


Gives you Article and PPC power


Alphabet soup



  • It's simple to use
  • It's fast and reliable
  • It gives you enough information
  • It gives you rating for rank and PPC
  • It complements with Alphabet Soup techniques


  • Although it gives you searches, it doesn't provide Brainstorm or Alphabet Soup

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