RingCentral Service Review

RingCentral Professional - Get a toll free number starting at $9.99/month

Everything is in the cloud these days, with this RingCentral Review, we’ll see that telecommunications are the best first example we can get a premium service hosted anywhere but in our premises and help us with our productivity and our work.

You may be wondering why I’m doing a review in a sales, marketing, and online business site? well, businesses are worldwide nowadays, as sales and marketing are too. If we need to keep our business running, even when we are traveling or have several branches, then we need a solution that can provide us with the reliability and performance our customers demand.

These days, companies are looking for ways to lower their costs and improve their margin. One of the first decisions, when you are running a business, is to “eliminate” all kind of hardware, equipment, among others, that cost us space in our facilities, air conditioning and electrical expenses and sometimes, expensive IT department. Many companies don’t have the luxury to have an IT Department.

Migrating a PBX, and old switching system into a hosted model that can run over the Internet is a wide decision. RingCentral can make it possible and at the best cost in the market.


RingCentral Service Review

It takes advantage of today’s broadband Internet connections. You can hire a hosted IP PBX as a service.

RingCentral solves the problem of expensive communications in different ways. At first, you pay a price per month instead of buying a PBX.

RingCentral Office – Your complete all-inclusive phone system. Try RingCentral free for 30 days.

In this service, you will have the communication services (of course) and you’ll get support, you don’t have to worry about obsolescence and all the costs that this brings.

You can be the administrator that register for an account and configures all the features you need on the PBX from a web portal. It’s quite easy as I’ll show you in the videos.
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Let’s start with the price.

RingCentral service has three different solutions you can choose from: Small, Mid-Size, and Enterprise. And you can start from $24.99/month.

This price will depend on the number of ports you will hire from them. You’ll have unlimited calling to US and Canada so if you have a branch in those countries or you want to put a phone number on your business card, it is a great solution and inexpensive one.

You can have other characteristics like video conferencing or contact center at good prices.

The enterprise plan offers unlimited call time, call recording and some APIs if you want to integrate the system into other services like Salesforce, which is very popular for companies with strong customer-orientated service.

You don’t have to pay a set-up fee.

You can have a 30-day trial free.

It’s user-friendly

It is a very easy to use and user-friendly platform. For example, you can register in the website and you will receive the phone number by email.

There will be some advantages if you already have a running business, for example, you can transfer an existing phone number or you may want to request a toll-free number if you want your customers to call you for free.

Once you have your phone number, you can log in to the web portal and manage the service you need. You can create extensions and set up a call attendant, for example, an automatic one with messages your customer will receive as soon as the call you.

You can also create rules for calls, like call forwarding or voice mail storage.

RingCentral Professional – Get a toll free number starting at $9.99/month

As you can see in the images, the interface is quite good, easy to use. Maybe if you haven’t managed a PBX interface before it may look confusing at first sight, but after you check it, you will see it is simple.

RingCentral service also provides tutorials and videos that can help you to configure the services on your site, take some time reviewing them.

IP Phones

RingCentral services provide a huge list of IP Phones that works with the infrastructure. You maybe can use the ones you have or buy them directly from the company. You can also buy them from any other provider.


Your complete all-inclusive phone system. Try RingCentral Office free for 30 days.


Let’s check some of the most popular features you can have:


There are two ways you can save a message for the auto attendant service. You can record your own message directly to the platform with your computer and a microphone or you can upload your file, in this case, two formats are supported: .wav and .mp3

A nice extra feature that is available is you can program your “office hours” so you can record different messages for different hours.

Watch the next video to learn how to create flexible phone menus for your company and make your call routing sophisticated and professional.



Each extension has their own voicemail inbox. Your employees can login to check their messages so you won’t lose any call from your customers. Everyone can customize their messages and options.

Watch this example:

Youtube video description:

Send voicemail messages and faxes as attachments to email notifications with RingCentral Voicemail-to-Email functionality. Quicken response times for you and your team by including voicemail messages and faxes, as attachments to email notifications. Stay on top of your communications—get email and text message notifications of received faxes, missed calls, fax transmission results and text messages.


Call Recording and Fax-Service

If your company wants to record the inbound calls in order to protect your customer service level satisfaction at the high, you can activate call recording to a specific department or individual user.

There is also a fax service in case you need it.

Mobile App and Integrations

RingCentral has a very strong mobile app for Android and iOS where you can check your calls.

You’ll have the chance to integrate your service to other platforms like SalesForces, Zendesk, Google or Office 365.

RingCentralReports and Support

RingCentral has many reporting options. You can view a summary of your calls, inbound, and outbound, queue activity, call volume, among others.

What about call quality?

If you are trying or already decided to go with RingCentral or any other hosted IP PBX service, you will find that the quality in any VoIP system is a consideration you must take.

It’s important that your network is well prepared to handle quality of service and you have an Internet connection of broadband, as we check, for every channel it will be better to have at least 90 kbps per user. I think you can get a decent broadband connection practically anywhere.

In Conclusion

To finish this review, you can read an excerpt at the end of the page.

About the main advantages we found, this platform is very easy to use and easy to manage. It scales also with ease, if you need to add or delete numbers and extensions. You can count many advanced features and very good support for mobile devices and remote management.

The cons we could find is the interface could be tricky at first and you need a good internet connection, although this is a problem of almost every VoIP system.

Thank you for visiting us and I hope this RingCentral Service Review was useful for you.

RingCentral Office - Business Phone Systems made Simple. Start your 30-Day Free Trial today!


$24.99 +

Easy to use


Easy to manage


Scales up as needed and easy


Mobile support



  • Very easy to set up and manage
  • Add or delete extensions as needed
  • Advanced features for a PBX
  • It supports mobile
  • Mobile apps to manage the service


  • It requires time to learn all the tricks
  • You need a good internet connections