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The Rich Dad Poor Dad Book is a book written by Robert T. Kiyosaki and Sharon L. Lecter in the year 2000. It focus in a different way to see businesses and money and it’s related to some experiences he had having two fathers, the real one and his best friend’s dad.

One of them (his own father) is the Poor Dad because we worked and earn the money in the way poor people do, and the other one build lots of businesses and earn lots of money thinking like rich people do.

It’s a very interesting this analogy and he uses all his personal experiences to teach the readers the concept to thing different according to money.

One of the first lessons I learned:

Make money work for you, not work for money.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Review 1It doesn’t matter how good you did at school, nobody in the “real life” will ask you for your grades.

You have to find a couple of good courses or investigate yourself by your own on how to read financial statements. That’s the language of money. How can you be successful if you do not know its language? Read about passive income, multiple sources of income, assets, etc.

Your house is an asset, to the bank it is!

Your house is not your asset; it’s your bank’s asset. Your house puts money in your bank’s pocket and takes it away from yours. Even though, I believe you must have a place of your own, this is a revealing issue to start thinking about your financial status.

Invest in assets, not doodads

Assets are everything that puts money in your pocket. If you already have a job and it puts money in your pocket, use your money to buy some things that brings more money. Stop buying T.V.s, expensive cars, and things you don’t need until the money you have working for you, buys those things for you.

Another point of view

Although I think the book provides an interesting point of view, sometimes it lacks from specific explanations on how to achieve more, it gives you the basis and it’s an open eyes revelation that inspires lots of people to change. And it works for me. And, it gives you another idea; write a book about your experiences, good or bad, they can give you another source of income.

There are also lots of detractors of his theories who has lots of good ideas also, we’ll write about them later.

The game

Rich Dad Poor Dad Review 2He built the CashFlow 101 game based on these principles, and how to get out of the Rat Race… I find it interesting and educational. Like Monopoly but with the idea to think different about money.


Rich Dad Poor Dad franchise also has some advisors on different topics, like Blair Singer, and you can read here about some of his products.

What people are saying

We’ll summarize here the three most helpful reviews (by the time I wrote this article) about the book on Amazon.

The first one (just an excerpt of the review):

Rich Dad Poor Dad Review 3

The second one (just an excerpt of the review):

Rich Dad Poor Dad Review 4

The third one (just an excerpt of the review):

Rich Dad Poor Dad Review 5

Where to buy it?

You can buy it from following the next link:

Rich Dad Poor Dad


Easy to read


Lots of stories


Eye opener


Specific tips on money


Cashflow 101 game



  • It has lots of useful stories that makes it easy to read
  • It's for people of all ages
  • It has lots of important things about money beliefs
  • It's cheap to be an eye opener
  • It has some associated products like the CashFlow 101 game


  • Sometime it misses more specific tips about money
  • It relates to other products and books

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