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There are important things you should know about money, but most important is how you feel or think about it.

Money is just another element in our life, just like relationships, education, hobbies, etc., so if you feel good about everything else, is it important to feel good about money? Yes, it is.

A few days ago we wrote about a book, the Science of Getting Rich, we think you should read it because the book will give you another perspective about money and how to get it.

Thinking through, financial successful also starts in our minds, both our conscious and subconscious mind; probably the last one should be the more important to program.

For example, the brain mass that controls our subconscious mind is the 83% of the total mass. The speed of the impulses reaches over 150,000 km/h (100,000 mph) while in the conscious mind you reach 250-300 km/h (120-140 mph).

The subconscious mind doesn’t deny anything and doesn’t question anything. What you impress in your subconscious mind is real for it, and the way we impress something is using our conscious mind and think repeatedly what we want.

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First thing first

The first thing you should do is identify your believes about money, most of them are limiting believes. A few examples: money comes from hard work, money doesn’t grow on trees, money is the root of all evil, etc.

These messages (all negative) were impressed by repetition, most probably from your parents or grandparents so when you think about money, those thoughts are the first ones to come ahead.

You should understand this:

Your actual financial situation is nothing more than the physical manifestation of your previous thinking. Nothing will stop you from now on to change this.

Three steps to turn around your believes about money

In order to improve your beliefs you need to know them, so:

1. First step: write down your limiting belief.

Write all of them down so you can identify them clearly.

2. Second step: Challenge them.

Try to challenge them, it’s very important for you to argue with your beliefs. You may start reading them in positive, for example, if your believe is “money is the root of all evil”, you can challenge them by thinking if you can do any good with money so, it’s not evil acting but good.

3. Third step: Change them.

Turn around any statement to be a positive one, for example, if your belief is “money is the root of all evil”, you can challenge them by saying “with money I can do plenty of good to those around me”.

Impress a positive thinking in your mind

There are a couple of ways to impress a positive thinking in your mind; one of them is by repetition. Practice, practice, practice.

A second way to do it is by visualizing whatever you need or want or visualizing you with money and doing good. Feel the good, have a real understanding that money is good and you can do lots of good with it.

Think your way to success and boost your income!

2 thoughts on “Positive About Money”

  1. Hi,
    I really want to change my limiting beliefs about money so that I can manifest more of it.
    How should I go about the repetition?
    Should I repeat my new beliefs to me on a daily basis or how does it work?

    1. Thank you very much Sebastian. Repeat new beliefs is not just a one step process. When you learn about money in your early years, two things happened: 1) You believe everything anybody told you (you were a naive little boy as all of us were) and 2) you listened those sentences lots of times (from your father, mother, family, etc.). So you must begin do the same 1) Begin to believe new concepts about money (it doesn’t matter how hard it is) and 2) think them more often, not necessarily on a day to day basis, but at least, any other day.

      I recommend you to read the book about Science of Getting Rich and our post about it for more tips on how to change your believes. On your new first step, you can also watch the video we published a couple of days ago about Get Over Negative Feelings, this also may help you.

      Let me know how this goes.

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