Personal Time Management Strategies

The importance of managing our time is crucial if we want a better income, balance our life and take advantage of the opportunities we have to spend with our family or just recharge batteries.

There are different personal time management systems which we will explore further in this post.

Time is money, the saying goes, but actually it’s worth much more than gold because the time lost is not recovered.

Personal time management systems

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Time is money, the saying goes, but actually it’s worth much more than gold because the time lost is not recovered.

We really must tread carefully and make the most of it, whether we take advantage for personal activities or to take economic advantage of it and lower your stress levels.

We would like you to note that time is not managed, time is the same for all of us, you and I have the same 24 hours every day. What can be managed are tasks, but we’ll use the term in an undifferentiated way, because we want to prove our point, that relates directly with managing the tasks we perform.

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Personal Time Management Strategies

Here are some personal time management strategies so you can increase your productivity. At the end of the post, you can download a nice infographic to help you with this information.

Each of these strategies can become a habit if you practice them enough times so they stick to your head.

  1. Personal Time Management StrategiesMake a decision about the task you have in hand. Are you really going to do it or not? Can you delegate it? Do it! This will save some time. If you want or must do it, then classify it, force yourself to do it. But make the decision today!
  2. Develop clear goals and objectives. I recommend you to read our two posts about goals, click here to read the first one, click here to read the second one.
  3. It’s important to plan every day in advance. You also can use our free template about action plan strategies. But basically, you must think about what you’ll be doing the next day.
  4. Understand if your tasks are important or urgent. We’ll write about this in the near future, but basically urgent is something you really must do, for example, talk to your customer, important is something you must do for your future, like take a course, study a whitepaper, plan your week ahead, etc. Read the newspaper, going shopping or watch the news aren’t either of both, they don’t contribute to your income.

  5. Get your job done when you should. Don’t hesitate and win time doing this and not procrastinating. Procrastination is like the credit card of time, it’ll put more pressure and stress on you if you don’t pay it when you should.
  6. What is the most valuable use of your time right now? Answer that question honestly and you’ll find out what you should be doing.
  7. personal time management systems 3Forget about multi-tasking. Do one task at a time, you can focus better and be less stressful.
  8. Increase your high levels of energy: resting, healthy food, exercise.
  9. Use your travel time more productively. If you have to fly bring your computer or your paperwork with you and take advantage of the idle time you have at the airport or in the plane. If you have to drive, listen to audio books, audio courses or some mp3 about motivation or good music that motivate you but don’t listen to music or have a conversation that drains your energy.
  10. Act now and with speed. Make decisions quickly.
  11. Keep your life in balance. Enjoy your family and friends. Make time to spend with them.
  12. Make these strategies a habit. Practice them, customize them to your personality, enjoy them, improve them and better your life.


Personal Time Management Strategies Infographic


Hope you enjoy it!

To your success!

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4 thoughts on “Personal Time Management Strategies”

  1. Thank you for this very informative post. The tips provided are gold and it made me realised that I may have been over multi-tasking haha… I look forward to future posts from this site 🙂


  2. Personally, I find that the most useful strategy of all – and it’s the one that I use – is planning your day in advance, and I’m glad to say that you have it in your post.
    I plan mine the day before and I put in place what I can, without getting too carried away. In other words, I check to make sure that I have everything I’m likely to need available so I’m not looking for it on the day.

    I often find that although I’ve completed my advance preparation that at some point later something will pop into my head. This could be in bed even. That’s great because when my day starts I’m very rarely caught off guard with something that I’ve overlooked.

    1. That’s great, I’m glad you like this. You’re completely right, plan ahead save lots of time. Hope to see you come back soon.

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