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It’s well known every company is its people. People are the most important and valuable asset and how they are led and managed and mostly how they are feeling about their work is usually the difference between a great and a bad companies.

People are always important, no matter where they work (job position) or when they started at the company.

Even if you’re dealing with your customers or a co-worker, you most consider them as your assets. They provide you everything you need, that can be money (in exchange of your services or products) or work material and time to produce your goods.

When leading a company or a sales team consider to tread them well, relentless pressure to drive growth and efficiency could drive an enterprise to success or drive it to fail.

Sometimes financial bottom line is too brutal and disengage people from work, not leading to the results you expect; but also, too much caring would turn business into an emotional wasteland. So, how you can find the perfect balance?

Companies would become places of darkness, humiliation and intimidation, not just for employees but for bosses too.

He have to remember (and sometimes it’s difficult) that there is something so much more important than business: people.

I’d liked to share with you five basic principles to know when you’re putting people first; at the end, an infographic so you can download it to share within your organisation.

1. Smile: this will be your first and more important step.
2. Don’t complain, criticise or condemn people.
3. Make others feel important by listen carefully. Become interested in what people are telling you.
4. Give your most honest and sincere appreciation and talk in terms of other’s person’s interests.
5. Remember another person’s name and repeat it during your conversation.

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