Virtual Training Academy

Ask yourself the next questions:


  • Virtual Training AcademyDo you have the need to be better at what you do?
  • Whatever you work at or in your life in general?
  • Do you think you need theory and practice of a basis training?
  • Do you want to learn at your own peace?
  • Do you think is your mind or your way of thinking what are slowing you down?

If you answer any of this questions with a yes, this program is for you.

In this Virtual Training Program, you will learn how to be better at what you do in your life and at work. You’ll have enough practice that backup all the theory you’ll learn and you can do it at your own peace, you can access anytime you need it.

Sales is the life blood of any company, is one of the main areas where many business teams do not have the skills, confidence, or motivation to be effective and generate the results the business needs.

Blair Singer creates powerful, experiental training programs for corporations and other organizations to help sales people experience personal successes that boosts their confidence and motivation in sales and communication. Now you can have this with this program.

These personal development skills of managing their own self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors, as well as tapping into their own power and self-esteem create the foundation for sales training and presentation skills to then be taught, practiced and implemented in the field.

Who is Blair Singer?

Blair Singer is one of the best sales consultants in the world. He’s been providing consultation to a series of different comapanies and he put all his knowledge in a virtual training system you can access on the links he have provided.

Blair Singer is also one of the Rich Dad Poor Dad Advisors.

Virtual Training Academy

This is one the best virtual training systems I’ve ever assist to. You can practice how to dominate you Little Voice (Blair Singer’s concept) which leads to a better life and also you can take the sales training.

You can take the videos, complete the workbook, put in practice what you learn, follow his advices, take some quizes to see if you learned the basic concepts.

It’s all about practice.


If you are ready accelerate your leadership, teaching, and facilitation skills, and to be greatly rewarded for doing so, go to: Blair Singer’s VTA I have taken Blair’s programs and cannot recommend them highly enough!

You can also read one of my review about one of his books: Review: Blair Singer’ Sales Dogs

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