5 Must Have Online Business Tools

By now, I hope you’ve enjoyed lots of our articles about how to increase your sales and improve your effectiveness, specially if you decided to earn extra cash in your own online business.

It is possible, yes, you can do it, and today, I want to give 5 more online business tools you can use to keep your business up and running.

First of all, I like to recommend you to read again about two of our most valuable tools to start your online business; one is WEALTHY AFFILIATE, and you can read about it at: START FREE HOME BASEED BUSINESS and the other one is JAAXY TOOL.

But, there are some other tools you can use if you want to develop and improve your business.

1. The first tool I like to recommend is a Registrar, this is where you can buy your own domain name, a .com, .net, .org, .xyz, .guru, .website, and so many others.

I like to recommend NAMECHEAP. I believe is one of the simplest and cheapest Registrar in the world and it works to me very good.


If you already tried the free domains provided at WEALTHY AFFILIATE, you know you can develop your free business with a subdomain at SITERUBIX, but if you want to get a little more serious about this, eventually, you’ll need your own domain.

2. Another important tool you can use is COPYSCAPE. With this tool, you can find out if there are some sites that are copying your content, of, if you’re using some other material, how much of the article you’re using. Remember being original, it is the most important thing; create content and provide some value.

Must Have Online Business Tools 13. Google Drive: this is one of the most useful tools you’ve ever tried. You can have your files in the cloud for free just by having a Gmail account. You can edit word-like documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

4. Google Analytics: another free tool from Google. You can install it on your website and this will provide you with specific analytics about who are visiting your website and where do they come from, not just from which country but if they come from organic search, social media or direct recommendations. There are so many other statistics you can use to improve your site.

5. Buffer is another tool you will need. With Buffer, you can upload your content and schedule it to be publish in the most important social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. This will save you lots of time with your social media strategy.

Must Have Online Business Tools 2

Of course there are lots of other tools like MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponse, etc., but these five are important if you’re starting your online business.

Keep looking for more post about this topic in future post.

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