Most Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid

I think useful to write a little about the most common SEO mistakes to avoid for beginners. Last week, I wrote about SIMPLE SEO TIPS FOR BEGINNERS if you want to check it. Just a few common mistakes now… later, we can write a lot more about more complex mistakes to avoid.

If you have been a webmaster for a few weeks or some years the strategy tells us everyone can make mistakes. These mistakes can be insignificant but also can have a mayor impact on our website and in our page ranking. All mistakes in online business can be reversible.

The first common mistake is about keywords

Not using them correctly can ban you from search engines because they can believe you are spamming or trying to fool them. Believe me, they have been around since the beginning of Internet, they know about SEO a lot more about you and they have powerful algorithms to learn about your site. Google for example, made around five hundred changes to their algorithm last year… yes, you read well, 500 changes!

As long as you provide quality content that sounds natural and people can read easily, you are using your keywords well.

Simple SEO Tips For Beginners 2

Second common mistake

Another common mistake, #2 is try to fool search engine spiders.

It is kind of related to the first mistake but do not try to hide text, spam or cloak your keywords. Spiders are quite sophisticated and they can detect these techniques and can ban your site if they find you are showing different text to them than your subscribers or readers.

Simple SEO Tips For Beginners 3Third common mistake

Using your company name as the most important keyword on your post or page. Using it as a title or as a meta description. You can include it but it shouldn’t be the only phrase to write.

Fourth common mistake

Using flash only. Yes, I am not a friend of this tool because people tend to use it as a unique content provider. It is good for presentations or comics, but if you want to provide content, use it as a complement, not as a primary resource.

Fifth common mistake

Do not provide original content in some pages. If you are using affiliate marketing, do not write a page just to show affiliate links or duplicate your partner content. This hurts SEO rankings and it doesn’t provide add value to your readers.

Those were just five most common SEO mistakes to avoid, try not to make them and your page will go higher in Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Remember, good SEO brings more web traffic which means more income in the long run.

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