Marketing Strategy – Common Marketing Mistakes

Marketing mistakes are very common and makes you waste lots of money if you don’t pay attention to the best strategy for your business.

This post is one of the series of Marketing Strategy Tips we like to give to you so you can improve the way you reach your customers. I hope you find this useful. You can also read related to this topic: SMALL BUSINESS MARKETING TIPS, more oriented to Small Businesses, but you can get some ideas.

Marketing Strategy

Common Marketing Mistakes



A well-tuned marketing campaign is of tremendous help to your company. The main idea of a campaign is to connect you with just the right prospects, but also to make people talk about you, your product or service.

The best of a well-done campaign is the Sales come in at a nice pace, it provides profits in a regular basis and the cost you spent on marketing returns in big money, suddenly, moving forward doesn’t seem hard at all. But sometimes, this doesn’t work as well. There are a few common mistakes we can take a look and easily correct them.

Marketing Strategy 0Mistake #1: There are lots of advertising, everywhere and yours gets lost in the crowd.

You can see advertising on TV, radio, Internet, newspaper, on the street, on your smartphone, on your door, on the foodcourt, etc. People learns to ignore advertising so it’s quite posible they ignore yours pretty fast.

Your prospects, first, pay attention to marketing that address their needs, to their immediate concerns; then, they pay attention to marketing that is radically different.

So, your Solution #1, separate your ad by making it talk directly to something the prospect really cares about, remember your what you your niche is and go for it only. It should point out a problem your product or service can solve to your target.

Make it sound like the way customers would describe the problem, the solution, and how they will feel after the problem is solved.

Marketing Strategy 1Mistake #2: Marketing targets an audience that is too broad. A little bit more about Mistake #1, make your marketing for your niche.

Mistake #3: Don’t spend your marketing budget in a one-shot campaign. This is one of the most common and often heart-breaking problems.

It’s probably you will need a second or a third try. Sometimes marketing is more about test and try, and analyse your results. You may probably know your audience but people change and you may want to be ready when that happen.

Mistake #4: Marketing isn’t consistent and you can see long-term results by continuing your ad over weeks and months.


Mistake #5: You not use as many media as possible according to your marketing target. Don’t think millennials read newspaper as often as granpas do, a few of them do but they always use Internet. Know your target and try to advertise as many media according to their habits, but, don’t make mistake #3 again!

Marketing Strategy 3A final though: lots of consumers and business around the world now are going to the Web. There are many ways to advertise on it. Social Media is an example and it’s a wide range, if you don’t believe me, try to mention as many social media as you can in 30 seconds: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (easy ones), Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram (more easy than I though), SnapChat, Tinder, Yaku, Tumblr, Vimeo (nice!), Flickr, Quepasa, Foursquare (I leave the rest as a homework).

There’s also a new tendency, advertising to your mobile, through SMS, Whats App, ooVoo, games, apps, etc. Your customers are carrying your ads in their pockets, consider this, and they check their smartphones more often than you think.

So, are you providing marketing to your customer that address their needs, to their pockets in a cost-effective way?

I hope this help. Thank you for reading.



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