Marketing and sales strategy


Is there any difference between sales and marketing? For it seems that the strategy of marketing and sales are different… Should the sales plan and the marketing plan be different?

These are some of the questions I always find in the companies that I’ve worked with, because it appears that two different departments are found, with very different ideas, different strategies and people competing for the customer.

Regardless of the origin of the departments in the company, both must be working for the same goal: our customer.

You don’t need to be a guru in sales or marketing to know that big business and big brands don’t work differently between them and they follow a unique strategic plan that meets the objectives of both departments.



1198416_98477822The larger the effort in marketing, the lower the effort in sales. If you don’t have a marketing plan, the sales plan must be more complex. Both strategies, marketing and sales, must respond to attract customers to the company, the brand and close the deal.

Marketing and sales must form a continuous cycle of business development.

The main goal of marketing is to attract customers and draw their attention to discover our product; but as a second step, is to awake interest; generate an internal desire on the customer and invite to a specific action: either contact a sales person; visit our store or, inviting him to buy.

Once he contacts a salesperson with a genuine interest in buying, the sales process should take care of understanding this lead and close the deal; of course, following the correct steps to make a sale.

Why we said that it is a cycle? Because the feedback provided by the sales department about the closure or sales and its success rate should reach the market department so they sharpen your strategies to get more customers to visit to the company.

From the simplest and summarizing, the marketing of a company should focus on attracting customers and the salesprocess should focus on closing the sale.


Marketing should focus on positioning, when a potential client thinks of a product that we offer, we should always be their first though. You should consider the mark (branding), the message and communication.

We must have a clear and simple brand; the message we provide should be concise and the ideal media considering the niche.

For example, a beautiful logo, colorful, 3D may not represent our product or misrepresent what we are offering; maybe a complex slogan won’t achieve any position on the client’s mind.

Imagine a target market: the millennial generation; we want to announce a new smartphone application; but we advertise in newspapers. Our marketing is not the best compared to announcing online on social networks like Snapchat, Facebook or Twitter.

Possibly the marketing effort here is much higher than the sales effort.

But if we decide to sell a TV that connects to the Internet; thinking that a target market is the family that likes to record a TV show at a specific time; implies a significant marketing effort to show the appliance advantages and arouse the interest of the client in it; but when it comes to acquiring at a store, the sales representative must be very skilled to exploit this family needs and invite them to purchase our brand instead of our competition.



The marketing uses a one-to-many approach and sales use a strategy one-to-one.

1287061_27729222Marketing is not only for large companies; our personal brand should clearly reflect what we want to provide with our product or service; then we can improve our sales process and increase our income.

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