Internet Marketing Course For A Digital World

Following last week post on Online Courses On Money I decided to write about Internet Marketing Course For A Digital World you can also take on Coursera.

This course is named: Marketing in a Digital World and it is provided by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The name of the trainer is: Aric Rindfleisch.

I thought this course is appropriated to this website because you start to mix to really important concepts for your future, the Online World and Marketing.

Internet Marketing Course For A Digital World

I chose this title for this post because I think you can mix both concepts, Internet Marketing Course and the Digital World as I said before.

When I’m taking a course, a tutorial class, an online one or a master class, I alway look for the Goals and Objectives to see if it accomplish my expectations.

In this case, these are the ones of the course:

Course Goals and Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:


  1. Obtain a rich understanding of the foundation of marketing and how this foundation is being shifted due to the rise of new digital tools.
  2. Apply critical thinking skills regarding the role of these digital tools and their impact upon both firms and consumers.
  3. Learn several real-world examples of how these digital tools are being applied to enhance and enrich marketing activities.

There are four modules to take, I can summarise all the content here:

  • Module 1: Course Overview and Digital Tools for Developing Innovative New Products
  • Module 2: Digital Tools for Persuading Customers to Buy Your Products
  • Module 3: Digital Tools for Effectively Distributing Your Products
  • Module 4: Digital Tools for Setting the Right Prices for Your Products

Internet Marketing Course For A Digital World 1
There are some activities to complete and your job will be studied by a classmate and you’ll get your grades.

There are some elements for consideration:

Lecture videos. Each week your instructor will teach you the concepts you need to know through a collection of short video lectures.

Readings. Content from the required readings in each module will be included in the Module Quiz questions.

Quizzes. Each module has two Practice Quizzes and a Module Quiz.

Case Discussions.

Exercises. Every module has an activity that requires you to visit a website, complete a task in that site, and then submit your work for a peer review within the course.

Discussion Forums. Posting in the forums is optional, but you are encouraged to do so.

Weel, what do you think? Education is a tool, not a punishment, so, why don’t we try it? Let’s see how this internet marketing course works for a digital world.

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