Innovative Leadership Styles

Leadership has traditionally swung into fashion, and out of it. It’s popular in good times! Innovation in leadership has become a main driver of growth and performance. Everyone wants to be a leader but a few want to lead.

Sustaining innovation to crear real value is harder than you think, and it is then when it depends on the style you have and want to develop to be a leader.

You may wonder by now if there is a best practice solution to seed and cultivate innovation, but the answer is no. Instead, you may want to focus on some people-management fundamentals.

The first one is to convert innovation so it can be managed and measured by the integration of it in the “management” agenda of the senior leaders in your company.

Then, executives at your organization must create the conditions that allow innovation networks to emerge so they can make better use of existing talents without the necessity to implement a program that cause a significant change within the company.

After the first two steps, everything will be ready to allow the growth of an innovation culture based on trust. People will believe then their ideas are valued and they will share them with their managers on the benefit of the general.

Innovative Leadership Styles 1

In order to put in practice these fundamentals, we can recommend some questions to put in practice:

1. What are your innovation goals that help meet your strategic objectives? Are they helping the customer service or service delivery?

2. Do you have innovation and leadership meetings into your regular agenda?

3. Do you have performance metrics that target for innovation? Is there a financial target and a behavioural target? What effect do they have on how people work?

Innovative leadership style depends on those three parameters and you’ll find to develop it through those unanswered (not answered yet) questions will affect its performance.

A final thought about cultures of trust

Innovative Leadership Styles 2What do you think is the biggest challenge about innovation ideas or innovative people and leaders? that a leader must be able to participate with innovative circles in a specific project or task.

Every time you have to start a project or even in your regular meetings, try to participate innovation and promote innovative leadership between your people. They will lead you to a better performance of your company and your customers will be more than glad to participate you again. Later, it will lead to other projects or a good reputation in the market, which translate to… better and new sales!

If you want to improve your sales promote innovation and a culture of trust.

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