Improve Your Life Without Spending A Dime

It is possible you improve your life, personal and financial state without spending a dime and with immediate results. First you have to understand about which part of your life needs to be improved.

There are a lot of things you can do and lots of post have been written here and there, about your attitude about things and money. Why I think this is important? because everything is in our mind and if we control our mind and our thoughts, we control our destiny.

Just look for “positive” in the search bar at this website and you will find at least a dozen posts related to a positive attitude, a positive thinking, a positive mind. For example, you can read POSITIVE ABOUT MONEY to start thinking that money is your friend, or 5 WAYS TO BE HAPPY to change your state of mind or maybe, HAVE GOOD DAY IMAGES to begin your day in a powerful state of mind.

Here, we can read some areas to improve by your thinking and improve your life without spending a dime.

Improve Your Life Without Spending A Dime 1

The first thing to do is simply, by improving your attitude, this is the way you interpret and think about the things around you and how they relate to you and to others.

If you think about people around you, do they add good to your attitude? or, are they negative persons? do you like what you do? do you like your job? How are you related to them? Do they put you in a good state or mind? how is your attitude to them?

It is important that people around you also provide some sort of encouragement and provide constructive ideas and motivate you to keep going. If they don’t provide you with this, but you can not get rid of them (for example your family), then don’t pay attention to their negative comments or feelings. Remember:

“How you react is how your attitude will be.”

But, what if there are people supporting you not matter what. Do you interact with them often? Are they encouraging you to go the extra mile? Are you trying harder to please this person or these people? or maybe you just like to spend time with them. Those are the positive support we are looking for.

It is not about the people and the difference the make to you, but also is how you plan to face them.

This is also your reflection to others. Do you provide them with encouragement, positivity or negativity, or you just don’t care?

The way you are (positive or negative), the more others are going to react to you.


Five areas where this comes loud and clear:

Motivational improvement

As we said, motivation comes from you, within you, it doesn’t come from the outside. If you look at your family, at your work or at your friends with a positive attitude, they will look for you the same way and you will enjoy more your day-to-day activities. Otherwise, negativity will bring you negative feeling, people and attitude to your life and of course, we don’t like that.

Stress Reduction

It is, most likely, that your stress comes from your attitude so, changing your state of mind will reduce stress. Go out and do as many activities as you like so you can reduce your stress naturally. I wrote a post about this you may want to read it: RELAXATION TECHNIQUES FOR ANXIETY AND STRESS. Lower your stress has a strong effect on reducing your health care costs.

Improve Your Life Without Spending A Dime 2Win More Customers

All of the above applies to your customers. If you keep a good attitude with them, the better your relationship will be and more businesses you will develop with them. You also can prepare to meet them to lower your anxiety by following our free guide: WIN MORE CUSTOMERS WITH A GOOD SALES PITCH, preparation is a way to improve your life without spending a dime.

Career Success

If you are positive be sure you will get promoted easily and get raises not just because your own work because you also bring out the best of your team, which lead to the next area of improvement.


If you have a good attitude you certainly relate good to others, specially your team and people around you. Your positive will get to others and you will have an excellent team to work with.

None of the above cost you a dime. Think about it.


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