I Hate My Sales Job

Yes, sometimes when you are in sales you think “I hate my sales job!”. This may happen more often than you think and it’s because it is an incredibly demanding job.

The hard thing about sales in my experience is that we have to face denial and get refused all the time. People you used to talk about change meeting hours with little notice, cancel meetings, hang up on you, etc.

I Hate My Sales Job

You don’t have to hate your job just because people don’t give you the opportunity to show your product, which by the way, I’m sure it will improve their lifestyle. There is a nice way or technique to turn around your ideas and your feelings to a specific part of your job. You’ll love and be telling everybody you like it instead of telling I hate my sales job.

This, I read in Zig Ziglar website. If you haven’t heard of Zig Ziglar, I recommend you start to read his material, it’s tremendously useful for those who are in sales, it’s one of the Guru’s of the sales training. In future posts, we will be talking about him a little bit more in detail.

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I hate My Sales Job


When it comes to “hate” really it’s about stress. Any dislikes you may feel in the selling process it’s well related to emotional stress.

The original article quote from Bryan Flanagan that I like to copy next:

“More than any occupation, the sales profession is an emotionally stressful activity.”

– Bryan Flanagan; Encouragement For The Sales Professional.

It is supposed that a salesperson should be spending most part of the day (ideally the whole day) interacting with other people. When you talk to other you are most exposed to different kinds of personalities and feelings and you may find not every one of them in a good mood.

Their attitude and mood may break your day. They don’t realize that but it’s true. And, unfortunately, changing others people mood is not your job, you can not do anything about this, there is not anything you can do about it; but, there is something you can do about your reaction to this.

What you think about sales (or a step in the sales process) can be changed because of your reaction to it. Change your attitude and your emotion.

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Everything is in the way you handle the emotional demands of your job. First thing first: take 100% responsibility for your actions and your reactions.

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The ups and downs of salespeople are usually the same to all and are related to people and their emotions, to rejections and all of them are linked to emotional demands.

The emotional demands produce your thinking about how you dislike your job, to say I hate my sales job instead of I love my sales job.

I hate My Sales Job

Yes, I know you have your company responsibility in your shoulders, if you don’t sale you don’t eat, or worse, you can’t cover your family’s necessities and of course, that make it the most stressful job in the face of the Earth.

When you are feeling the pressure, it’s time to check yourself and your emotions. You have to realize it is just a step in your process and “this also should pass”. Do not dwell on negativity. Have good thoughts, look for something new to learn, go for a walk.

Try to think positive and have good feelings. Try to turn around your emotions and I’m pretty soon you’ll find that your line: I Hate My Sales Job will be something you forget and you’ll be loving it instead heating it.

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