How To Use Marketing Colors

if you are running a business even if it is physical of virtual, you may use color information in order to develop your brand and your products.

Color is very important in your marketing message. Depending of what you choose you deliver an specific message.

For example, if you want to stay on a diet or eat less you better get some BLUE dishes because blue decreases appetite. If you want to baby to cry all night long or with a strong yell, paint his room in yellow because it gives energy. But yellow also open you for cravings (that’s maybe a reason why McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, and some other uses yellow in their signs).

I like to share a picture I found on Internet that summarizes this idea.

How To Use Marketing Colors

This is a simple color-emotion-guide you can use to start thinking about your brand.



As you can see, all the colours have a meaning.


As I said in the example before, it represents warmth, optimism and clarity. Most food chains use it in their logos.


This color can help you if you want to deliver friendly, cheerful and confidence feelings. Amazon logo, Fanta, or Nickelodeon are good examples.


It is a more aggressive and confidence color, use it if you want to promote excitement or youthful. Coca Cola is a great example, Kellogg’s or CNN are strong brands in that colour.


This is a more creative colour to use, it’s imaginative and wise. Those are the projections or this particular one and you may think as Yahoo! as a good example.


It is a better colour to use for example, in the United States. Americans tend to trust more this colour. It’s about Trust, dependable and strength. Think about Dell, HP, Oreo and some other.


It’s a good colour for environmental proposes. It’s about Peaceful, Growth or Health. Animal Planet, Spotify or Android are brands in green.

Gray or Black or White

Bring some balance and calm to the equation. Some variations in gold or silver can present some prestigious message, like the one you use in jewelry brands or Apple or Mercedes Benz.

Just a side note: if you are thinking about how to get dressed, colour combination clothes also apply. If you are interested in this topic I’m not an expert on fashion, you may want to check something I read looking for information for this post, it was written for boys and girls but I think most of it works. Visit: Color Combination Clothes.

I hope this little article may help you in your way to build your brand and see how to use marketing colors for those purposes.


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