How To Sell With Stories

Don’t you like a good story? Can you use a nice story to sell? Yes and yes! and it is almost a “must” on the second one. A good story makes your sales easier, stories can fire your imagination. The question is if you can use stories to close deals.

If you want to be a good sales closer you should become a good storyteller. Then, you can captivate the imaginations of your customers because the story can illustrate the selling point, being more persuasive and they show your point better.



Storytelling process is most use by professional salespeople. Although you may think is not businesslike, storytelling has very good psychological power on your prospects. Do you remember our post about VISION BOARD? Storytelling helps people think in images and illustrate better your point and gets you closer to your point and to your sales.

Stories can change you and your customer’s emotional state and the climate of your conversation. They can bring a pleasant way to your thinking and state of mind and get you more relaxed, then, your customer get more agreeable to your proposal.

How To Sell With Stories 2

Also, a story grabs your customer’s full attention. His or her mind will focus on what you are saying. They forget their worries about your product or service and start imagine its own story around the buying process.

If you are scare of your customer or prospect, your story can do de selling for you, because you are not facing your prospect anymore, your story character is. The characters in the story can close the deal for you.

As a clear demonstration of what I am saying now, I bet you are thinking of yourself telling a story to your customer at this particular moment… or may be not! but, how are you thinking of your customer? in images telling a story.

The most effective ones involves your client’s needs in it, and the character solves her problems. The story prove the value of your product or service, it helps to enhance the quality of what you are offering and also, it can lead to a larger order.



Details are important

An important idea on how to develop your skills to be a good storyteller is to collect stories and think in your services. Get every detail you can.

When you’re telling the story, do the same. Describe your customer’s need in detail, explain how your product is use and what happened the first time your character use it.

Record the positive and negative feedback and use it to your advantage. But, be sure your story is clear, short and interesting. You don’t want to tell her a good night story!

You can have three to five good stories or closing stories in your pocket. Those could be your most important tools at the closing step of your sale (if you are not sure about sales steps, remember our post: WHAT ARE THE STEPS TO MAKE A SALE?) and remember if you do not close your sale, you are not getting your purchase order and you are not earning money.

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Stories also help to your client to re-think and remember her childhood wonder, that state of mind is important because children do not question anything, they feel save and you become a trustworthy person.

Practice your stories with families and friends, get their feedback, ask your customers if they remember something funny using a particular product, let them do the talk. Stories come in both ways, have a nice ride with your client. Use their stories with other customer and become natural.

Enjoy your job and love your sales.


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  1. Great blog! I really grab the idea it’s better to sell with stories. It’s an eye opening blog. Thank you and I’m trying to put more stories on my sales pitch.

    1. Thank you Marsha for leaving a comment. Indeed, stories keep your customer attention because they help to keep your customer’s mind busy on your pitch. I’m glad you like it and I hope you come back soon to the website with another comment.

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