How To Run An Online Business

If you are running an online business, or at least, you are thinking to start one, it would be better to learn and develop at least five basic skills.

Become a business owner is a great step in you life. Own an online business is as important as a physical one (thinking that online is virtual) and it requires some skills as any other business needs depending on your niche.

I like to tell you about five basic skills. They can be learned, you may feel some of them natural, some will take time but I’m pretty sure once you read this post, you will feel more confortable with the idea to start your online business.

Today, setting up a business in Internet is easier than ever, you can set up a site in less than thirty minutes and that can sound scary for many people. It is really that easy. You can even create your site for free!

Of course, as an entrepreneur there are some skills you need to learn and some steps you need to go through.

The next tips are something you need to develop and as you will read, these are not from other world or are rocket science.

First tip: Quality of Experience

As any business, you have to think in your customer and in this case, you have to imagen how your customers will spend their time surfing your website. Will it be easy? do you have a really visual site? is it intuitive? Is your text easy to read?

You have to think they will get maximum satisfaction, but they will not waste time and effort on getting what they need.

The Quality of Experience (QoE) is also known as User Experience.

How To Run An Online Business 2

Second tip: Content is king

There is an old saying: Content is King. And it is still true. If you write content, Google and other Search Engines will rank your site high and you will get traffic. If you provide value, people will appreciate your effort and they will keep visiting your site.

Of course, getting traffic to your site is one thing, converting is other. Convert is referred to what every business is looking: profit. You want to make sure people trust you and that is why you need content. If people trust you, they will probably follow your recommendations or they will buy from you.

Third Tip: Social Media

Everybody is in at least one social network. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc. Your potential customer is in social media. Are you?

Social networks are important marketing systems, specially for people or small businesses with small budget. You can run a campaign with a few dollars.

Find out, make an investigation, which social media best suit for you and your target (marketing). Don’t be afraid to show your brand and win more followers. Try some campaigns and lear from them. Even if one of the campaigns does not work in the short-term, it is a long investment return what you must be expecting.

How To Run An Online Business 1

Fourth tip: Develop a customer care system

Customer care is important not just for your business but also for Search Engines. Receiving comments in a blog and engage with your visitor are important to show your business is active.

Your customers deserve your full attention, a good support. And also to be listen. Feedback is the breakfast of champions. Use feedback to your advantage.

Use all available tools, plugins, applications, contact buttons, etc., available in your site to provide your customers with an easy way to contact you and provide you with feedback.

Answer them with honest and straight answers. Remember what to say (for a refresh of this, read: 5 THINGS CUSTOMERS HATE TO HEAR)

How To Run An Online Business 3

Fifth tip: Constant analysis of your site

Probably the first weeks or months of your site are the most difficult. Be persistent with your ideas and always and, keep accountability as one of your main tasks.

Accountability can be perform through a conscious analytics of your site. There are many tools like Google Analytics you can install on your site so you keep track of visitors at your site, how many of them, where do they come from? Popular search terms, etc.

Those statistics provide you with enough information so you can adapt your site anytime you need to.

If you are ready to start your business online, we can provide you with a recommendations. You can read START FREE HOME BASED BUSINESS, where you can start for FREE and learn these five basic skills.


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