How To Purchase A Domain Name

If you want to start a serious business on Internet you need to own a domain name, not just to provide you with your business identity but also, to tell your audience about what you do and what is your niche.

There is important to make a good decision, not necessary a fast one because remember, this will join you for the rest of your life. Specially now that you will find lots of options for your Domain Name as we will explain in this post.

What is a domain name?

According to Wikipedia:

“A domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control within the Internet. Domain names are formed by the rules and procedures of the Domain Name System (DNS). Any name registered in the DNS is a domain name.”

In plain english? Is the name that Internet uses to recognize your website. For example,, etc.




I hope that you, by know already started with your own online business for free, if you are still thinking about it, then, stop, and do it. Try it for free by reading START FREE HOME BASED BUSINESS.

If you started here, then GREAT!!! so, you already have a domain name that identify your site and you are making money online.

If you are with Wealthy Affiliate, then, your site has a domain name under, or what we called subdomain name. Again, a subdomain looks like,, and so on.

There is nothing wrong with a subdomain name, it is great if you want to start for free so you don’t spend a dime while you find your niche and you are reading to lift of, invest a little more money and boost your business under your own brand.

I said a little bit of money because a domain name prices go around $10/year. I’ll show you about this in a moment.

How To Purchase A Domain Name 02

How To Purchase A Domain Name?

Let’s imagen you already started with your free business, also, you are pretty clear with your niche (if not, read about it at: FIND YOUR PASSION, FIND YOUR NICHE) and you are clear with the keyword you want to use to identify your online business (read about keywords at: REVIEW: BEST KEYWORD TOOL).

Let’s supposed you choose “baking big cookies”.

Namecheap.comNow, we have to find a registrar company. A Registrar is where you buy your domain name. There are quite a few in Internet. The best one and the one I like to recommend is But, let’s take a look at other four, you can choose anyone you like.

Gandi: it is famous for their policy renewal, they are honest and do not upsell you with lots of products you don’t read. Every domain name gets two free hosted pages for your site.

GoDaddy: it is a pretty good web hosting service that has a very good customer service, email integrated with Microsoft products, good website building tool and lots of extra hosting options. I own three domain names with them.

Still, I prefer:

NameCheap: they have a pretty good service, they are very fast. All my new domains are located with them. They have the cheapest in the market (so far), free URL forwarding and email and some premium services like SSL certificates.

Ok then… the How To process:

Go to NameCheap website (click HERE) and you’ll see something similar to this:

How To Purchase A Domain Name 1

Then, look for your domain name:

How To Purchase A Domain Name 2

Choose your domain. There are a lot of options, “.com” is the popular one but remember you have to other like .net and .org. And now, you have the possibility to choose lots of different ones like .guru .club .website .xyz .info .online …

This will depend on you and your niche and the people you are going to write information for.

Look at the price on the right side of the screen.

How To Purchase A Domain Name 3

And some other choices here:

How To Purchase A Domain Name 4

Choose the one you like and add it to your cart. After that, choose your preferred payment option and… that’s it! The domain name is yours!

What is next?

Nothing else if you were just looking for a Domain Name only… but of course you are setting up your domain name.

After that, to follow the actual example, if you are with Wealthy Affiliate, you can watch and get trained in the adequate use of the domain name.



You should do two things:

1. Change the DNS at NameCheap to address them to Wealthy Affiliate Hosting Service.

Follow the Steps by clicking HERE: WA Hosting – Setting Up Your Domain DNS

2. Transfer your free site to your Domain Name.

Follow the next VIDEO: How to Transfer a SiteRubix Website to Your Own Domain.

After that, give it a couple of minutes and YOU ARE READY TO GO! Congratulations.



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  1. What’s Taking place I am new to this online business thing, I stumbled upon this I’ve found It positively helpful and it has helped me out loads.
    I’m hoping to give a contribution & help other customers like its aided me.
    Great job.

    1. Hello Vince, thank you for your comment. Please keep coming. You can also click on the TOP MENU, there is a Category named Online Business, you can have lots of tips there and I’ll be publishing some more soon.

  2. Thank you for this review, I really like it, I didn’t know this was too easy to do. I follow the steps and I bought my first domain! yeeehh!

  3. I really found this useful, this is a nice and straight to the point review, I really like the way you explain it and how cheap it is this registar.

    1. Hello Trinidad, Indeed is one of the best registar actually, I have four domains with them and two with GoDaddy, but I think NameCheap is simpler, cheaper and they have a really good customer service.

    1. Hello Ana, this is a really good place to buy your domain names. I’m glad you find this useful and I really like it. I hope this can be useful to you. If by the way, you are starting your online business, I can recommend you one post I wrote a couple of weeks ago, where you can start for free: START FREE HOME BASED BUSINESS.

  4. This is a pretty good “how-to” guide on how to purchase a domain name. It’s good to know someone recommends it. I’m following your advice and buying mine with this company. Thank you for sharing.

  5. It is great information on domain names… I really like this article. I was thinking to buy a domain name and start my own business on internet, do you have any suggestion? after this, what should I do?

    1. Hello Rafael, thank you for your questions. NameCheap can sell you .com, .org, .net, .online, .xyz, .club, .ninja and so many others, and yes, it is cheaper on those domains also, at least, as I compare some, always NameCheap is cheaper than the other.

    1. Hello Joseph, thank you for your question. Indeed, I used to have another registar and another hosting. First, I still have two domain names with GoDaddy and five with NameCheap, that’s because I discover GoDaddy first. I also used to have the hosting with GoDaddy using cPanel. But then I found about Wealthy Affiliate and I’m not just hosting with them, but receiving proper training every day and every week. If you are interesting in a good hosting service, but also, learn about it, please read: START FREE HOME BASED BUSINESS article.

    1. Hello Greivin, yes I could. After you have your domain name, you can hire a hosting service. You can look for some on internet, I’ve been giving some advice about Wealthy Affiliate and a post I wrote: START FREE HOME BASED BUSINESS. You can start with them and see they can provide you with lots of information and training, they also explain how to translate your domain name to their hosting and how to manage it with WordPress.

  6. Thank you for this review. It really gives me a good inside of somebody who is really using the service.

    Glad I found you and I already bought my domains.

    Thank you.

  7. Great step-by-step post. Thank you. It’s good to see those images so we can follow every step. I found on other sites that NameCheap is great as GoDaddy.

    1. Thank you Diego. Yes, both are great companies. I have a couple of domain names with GoDaddy also, they provide a broader service. I’m writing a post in the future about them. Keep coming.

  8. Great post, just what I was looking for. I was trying to decide which company I should use for buying a domain name for my business and you nail it! thank you.

  9. Great How-to guide… this is a really good place and for what I looked for, very cheap also. I see that sometimes they send offers for domains under $1, is there a trick in that? I found this amazing.

    1. Hello Lee. Thank you for your comment and your question. There is actually no trick involved. Sometimes all registrar offer the domains at very low cost, but notice that after the first year, the second will be at regular price.

  10. This is a pretty good guide on how to purchase a domain name. I follow it and got my domain name pretty fast and inexpensive. I like to recall on this one last thing. I searched for the same domain name at others (GoDaddy) and I found this is cheaper as you said. Thank you.

    1. Hello, Hugo. It’s great you found this useful and you follow those steps. There are other pretty cool possibilities if you want to buy your own domain. You may want to explore How to Affiliate Marketing if you want to buy the domain and build a business around it.

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