How To Improve Yourself – 5 Skills To Learn (part 2)

How to improve yourself – Part 2- it’s about another 5 skills sets you need to learn so you can increase your sales.

The first part can be read here: How To Improve Yourself – 5 Skills To Learn.

The main idea is to develop another skills so you can boost your income by improving them. I know they are difficult because it is what we call soft-skills. Which mean they can’t be learn by reading a book. It’s just about practice.

I hope that you can take advantage of this skills, and of course, it’s not about a one time experience, you have to work to make them a habit.

How To Improve Yourself – 5 Skills To Learn

Part 2


You need to develop empathy, specially with your customers. It’s not about saying “yes” to all they ask, it’s to really understand their needs and having an authentic intention to help them. You must care for other people.

It is a fundamental ability in modern business. It’s the ability to fell what other are feeling and providing a good service.

If you are trying it with your co-workers you can achieve great success with your team. It motivates people that follow you to work harder and be with you in good and bad, it push people to give the extra mile, to go bigger.



It doesn’t matter what you want to try, it won’t work if you are not consistent enough. It’s quite close to perserverance, it’s a skill I wish we all have. Just keep trying and keep going until you achieve what you are pursuing.

And consistency is also about keep pushing even if you are at the top. Don’t stop trying even if you accomplish your purpose, just go and see what happens. Let’s see if you can grow even further that you proposed yourself.

Knowing when to shut up — and actually doing it

I really like this skill. Yes, sometimes is difficult not to stop, to let know our opinion to others but let’s be honest, how many time it got us in troubles.

You have to pay attention to your surroundings, listen to people and know when to shut up. But, even if you know that, do it! 🙂

That must happens when you are feeling upset or angry. When emotions go high, intelligence go down, so this could be a good example when to apply this skill.


This could be first than shutting up but I believe they come along. In order also to develop empathy, listening is a great skill.

Pay attention to people that are trying to communicate with you, pay real and authentic attention to your customers, your co-workers, your friends and your family. This will improve your life in a great way.

Tip: if you want to practice active listening you can repeat back the main idea about what other people are telling you, so the other person also realize you are paying attention.

Tip: another tip, communication is not just about “talking”, it is also your body language, when you are chatting in internet or when you are reading an email, for example.


Mind your business

Try not to act or give your opinions if you were not invited to a conversation or you weren’t asked to do it. This is more for you than for others, this waste your time and your resources.

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* This articles is based on one of the World Economic Forum, you can get it here: WEFORUM


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