How To Improve Yourself – 5 Skills To Learn

If you’ve been wondering how to improve yourself so you can increase your sales, I want to present you with 5 skills to learn to accomplish that goal.

This is part one, next wednesday I’m going to give you another five.

All this recommendations are free, you don’t have to spend a dime, but it is important for you to know that if you want to accomplish excellence and a complete domain in all of them, it will take lots of your time and effort and most important, perseverance when you feel everything could be lost. But, that is also true when things that matter in life.

So, here I like to present you the first five skills that are hard to learn but will really pay off later in life and worth the effort.

How To Improve Yourself – 5 Skills To Learn

Part 1

Time Management

Effective time management is probably the most difficult to learn, but the most effective. I’ve already wrote a post with an infographic, you can read it here: PERSONAL TIME MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES. Next, I decided to attach the Infographic so you can have it at hand:

Personal Time Management Strategies Infographic

Remember, I actually believe you don’t manage time, you manage activities, the term time management is used because it’s the most common.

There isn’t a right way to do it but it is important for you to find your own way, your unique system.

Sleep well

Sleep well is a hard thing to do nowadays. In my personal case, I tend to go to bed late, after watching my favourite TV shows, or I just keep posting in my websites 🙂 I really love it and it’s difficult to stop.

If you are having the same problem, we have to realize that sleep is one of the major tasks we should do. Our brains need to stop and recharge. Establishing a ritual can help you to leave sleep depravation and have a restful night.

To have a sleep schedule makes it easier to fall asleep and sleep well, also to wake up on time and with better energy for the day ahead.

Asking for help

I know you don’t trust enough other people to do your job. Sometimes, we think we are self-sustained. You just need to learn to ask for help when you need it. It’s difficult but it’s an important part of success.

To delegate is a skill and we need to learn to develop it. Not to ask it’s a natural reaction so we don’t want other people think we are weak or incompetent. But, as it may sound wear, this make you look more competent as a Harvard Business School investigation suggests. If you ask people to validate their skills, abilities or expertise, it makes you more likely to win them over.


Mastering your thoughts

This is huge also. Your brain thinks about 60,000 thoughts a day and of course it’s almost impossible to master them all, I’m saying you must master the more important ones. Those that make you feel good or bad.

If there is something to make you feel bad, then you should be able to change that though and convert the good in every situation.

You need to consciously direct your thinking to whatever you want to accomplish.

Positive self-talk

This is pretty much like the one above. But, it’s more about talking to yourself in a positive way. What you think about you will help you in your way out of your confort zone and with any task you may want to do.

Keep in touch for the next post on How To Improve Yourself – 5 Skills To Learn – Part 2.

* This articles is based on one of the World Economic Forum, you can get it here: WEFORUM


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