How To Be Instantly Happy

If you are asking yourself how to be instantly happy, you can follow these five basic steps to make that happen.

First, I like to say that happiness come from inside. Within you is the power to be happy or not. I now this website is about sales and income, but you can not be successful unless you are happy.

To be wealthy is not just about money, it is also about health and good mental state, that is why I write sometimes about motivation and this kind of stuff. It really can help you.

To be in a greater state of mind and health can help you achieve more at home or at work.


I’m basing this article in one I read at, you can click it and read the original one. I’m just giving my point of view and how we can think in sales and wealth.

How To Be Instantly Happy

The article brings the first though:

1. This too shall pass.

This is How-To-Be-Instantly-Happy-1one of the most difficult thoughts to have. When you are going through a crunching time, a really low in your life, you may think this stage will last forever. Life can feel hopeless. But, this too shall pass.

As bad things pass, also good things pass. If you are in a bad situation, believe this pass and you will find yourself in a good situation again.

This little sentence will bring you instant joy, it takes out the negative emotion because this will allow you to see some good is coming.

To make the clarification in sales, have you ever though you won’t make another sale again? maybe because you are approaching your customers the wrong way, you have a bad product or maybe you haven’t made a sale in a month… this too shall pass and soon, you’ll be selling again. Don’t get desperate.

2. You are not alone.

Whatever you are going through, you are not alone, this is also happening or happened to someone else.

Don’t you think it could be wise to ask other people how they got off that situation? To know that other has passed the same situation and they got through it, will make you fell better, just look for the right approach on solving the problem.

I like to copy-paste the last parragraph as a quote because I like it:

Emotions are like storms; no matter how dark and turbulent, they’ll clear and sunny skies will rise again.

3. Other people have good intentions.

Indeed. There are in the world more good people than bad ones.

I made a fast excercise that you may want to repeat, in Google (or any other search engine), look for “love” and “hate” (or any other pair), then analyze that result. These are mines:

Love: 5.460.000.000 results
Hate: 588.000.000 results

Help: 7.360.000.000 results
Blockage: 12.900.000 results

See? more people want to love or help than hate. Try thinking of others in a positive way. Assume that they want to help you and you’ll feel great instantly.

About sales, ask people for referrals, ask them for a purchase order or for help. Maybe not the first person will do, but there are lots of people willing to do it.

4. There’s a bright side to every situation.

Everything has at least two perspectives (two sides of the quarter). Based on this, you can find the good in the bad. I may explain: if you are experiencing a bad situation at work, maybe it’s time to get out of your confort zone and look for a better one, with better payment or maybe, be an entrepreneur and be free.

You deserve to be happy. Look for it on whatever you are going through.

5. Slow down and breathe.

Take a big pause on your day, breathe, don’t give up upon stress. Slow down your day to day rythm trying to accomplish more than you are able to. There are other things in life so please, stop and enjoy them.

Focus on one thing, one customer, one project at a time. Make your day a moving meditation.
I hope you like this words on How To Be Instantly Happy and you can apply them to your job and keep the good sales coming.



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