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When you are in sales or even in your real life, if you have good day images you will do better through the day.

Positive thinking has been discussed before in this website, if you want to be Positive About Money or even Get Over Negative Feelings, developing or having images in your mind will help you improve your sales as we will explain.

Simple Steps for Success As one of the best authors in Sales and Motivation, Zig Ziglar said:

As you start on your stairway to the top, your first step will be the development of a healthy self-image. – Zig Ziglar

Lots has been said to pay the price in advanced if you want to be successful but if you begin your day thinking you’ll have to “pay” a price I’m not quite sure if you will be developing a healthy self-image.

Instead, you may want to start thinking you will ENJOY the benefits of your sacrifices. Begin thinking good images of your day, your meetings, your sales, and your income. One way of doing this has been discussed in Making your Vision Board.

How to supercharged your sales

There were other posts about the Steps to Make a Sale and Simple Steps for Success you may want to re-read.

In every step of the way to your success through sales, you must start your day having good images. It doesn’t matter if you are performing the simplest of tasks or the most complex.

If you will have a call with your customer in your day, have a good mental image of your conversation; think about how you want it to flow.

If you will have an important meeting with your best customer, develop a healthy self-image of you having a nice good conversation.

You can already be on your road to success but you also can go in the wrong direction. Every road have to directions, be sure to be in the right one. True, no just thinking good images will assure you the right one, but will put you in the right mood so you can easily identify and correct it if you need it as soon as you think.

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We will like you to have a better life through selling. You will find lots of information about sales and marketing but as you can see, you’ll find lots of general and motivation also.

The life of a salesperson could be very difficult sometimes, we are always exposed to rejection (“we have to cancel our meeting”, he said… “the CEO can’t answer your call”, she said… “we don’t need your product right now”, they said…) and to keep motivation on top is a very important.

Developing a good and healthy self-image is very important; this will help us stay motivated. You will find in this website lots of information about this topic; we invite you to keep coming.


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