Getting Things Done – Infographic

In personal life as in professional life, getting things done is one of the most relevant factors to succeed. If you are not a “doer” then everything is in danger that get stock on paper or in plans.

What is the real sense of plans if you are not getting them into action. A few months ago we wrote and article about action plans and actually, you can download for free an example or a TEMPLATE. Please visit: FREE ACTION PLAN TEMPLATE.

Let’s suppose you already know what you want, what is the thing you are doing or you want to get done (if you are not crystal clear, please review: SMART GOALS POST, or GOAL PLANNER to get a most deep understanding of this “thing”).

Enjoy your goal

The best thing to get done are the ones that we really enjoy of course, look for some reasons that motivate you, that define success. If the task you had a hand is from your job and it is an obligation to you and you are not enjoying it, look for the bright side, the satisfaction of finishing it with excellence. There is always something good with the things you need to complete.

Getting Things Done 2


You must focus entirely on what the end product will be instead of the steps that are needed to end the product. That is focusing on the “what” and not the “why”.

Look for help

Ask for help if you need it. Brainstorming can be very useful. Gather people you trust or take advantage of your team and let them talk to you, every idea counts in the process of getting things done. It does not matter if the idea looks simple or complex, or strange or sensational, just write them all down so you can analyze them later.

Look for help should assist you to fill out the holes on your actions.

Getting Things Done 1
Break down the process

You have to analyze the process, your ideas and your goals. Lots of people use mind maps to visualize everything in a pice of paper. Think on paper. Connect your ideas and the map will lead you to the “X”.

Once your map is ready, follow your ideas one by one to build an action plan. Use the template I provided with the link above and organize your ideas.

Use the detail you need on every task, if you are specific, you will get specific on the actions you need to do.

Try to identify the special pieces of information and make them your priority.

If by chance you find out a task that is to big or complex to complete in the proposed time, try to break it in smaller tasks.

Final action

Get started! Don’t delay! Start as soon as possible. Have confidence in yourself and get out of your confort zone.

In future posts we will explore the action so you will feel better and keep the motivation on top of your mind.

Here, I want you to have these steps/recommendations in the next infographic, I hope you like it.

To your success!

Getting Things Done - Infographic

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