Two Free Online Tools To Start Right Now

I know I wrote a post a couple of days ago where I gave you an idea about 5 MUST-HAVE ONLINE BUSINESS TOOLS for your business, but, now that lots of people asked me, and they are still pending on starting a business, I will provide you with TWO FREE ONLINE TOOLS to start right now your own online business.

What I want is that you can start your own business, without spending a single penny for it. I bet you, you can build your first website in less than twenty minutes, and you can write your first post in the next twenty.

So, in less than an hour you can have your site up and running and it will be ready to develop and strategy to make some money.

Two Free Online Tools To Start Right Now

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1. The first tool to use is Jaaxy, to me, the best keyword tool in the market right now.

Then, you should be clear about your niche (read: FIND YOUR PASSION, FIND YOUR NICHE), and this is because you should look for your site name according to your niche and to an excellent keyword that helps you rank first on Search Engines.

Use Jaaxy to find that keyword. Use the next window to start on this. Just remember, on the free version of Jaaxy, you will have 30 searches, more than enough to choose your name.


Fore more information on Jaaxy, read: REVIEW: BEST KEYWORD TOOL.

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2. The second tool you can use for free is a website builder like SiteRubix.

SiteRubix is a pretty simple website builder hosted by Wealthy Affiliate and is based on WordPress. Within minutes you’ll find a theme according to your niche and whatever your preferences are.

You can use the next window to start on this right now:


Remember, with this free version of SiteRubix you will have 2 free websites, under a subdomain at

free online tools Bonus


Hey! I’ll give a free bonus! also for free!

If you are unsure about how to start a business, sign up for Wealthy Affiliate. They can teach ANYBODY to start your own free online business. Did you read my post about it? START FREE HOME BASED BUSINESS.

We, at Wealthy Affiliate, can provide you with training, video clases, chat rooms, blogs, etc., so you can be a successful online entrepreneur or an online marketer. You can take the first online course completely for FREE.

At this point, you can start making some money on Internet!


   Try Wealthy Affiliate for Free



Ok! I’ll provide you with another BONUS… this one is not exactly free, but I’ll promise it won’t cost too much.

After you choose your site name and your subdomain, if you want to get serious about this, you should buy a Domain Name. This can cost you as little as US$3.88/year (mmm, almost a penny a day, if you don’t believe me, check for yourself reading: HOW TO PURCHASE A DOMAIN NAME).

Go with NameCheap, this is the cheapest place to buy your domain.


But, I don’t want to trick you. To use that domain name at your free site (going from to you should hire the webhosting from someone who sells the service.

Now, If you are with Wealthy Affiliate, you can upgrade your FREE account and transfer your domain name to its hosting and your site will be automatically up and running in less than five minutes.

Too much technicisms? Take the free course at WA and you’ll see it’s going to be EASY, they will show you following a video on a step-by-step tutorial.

There are two options at Wealthy Affiliate for a membership. If you want to invest US$47/month or if you want to pay $359/year. This is less than US$1/day !!! Do you have at least US$1 to invest on education and to improve your future?


If you decide to go, you can host unlimited number of sites there and they provide you with a nice Affiliate Program.

This is not a must! Only if you want to go this way.

Everything else said here beside this Bonus #2 is free and you can try it anytime.

I hope you like this post and start your own Business.


   Begin your way to financial freedom   

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