Free Action Plan Template

There’s a lot to say about an Action Plan. We’ll try to cover the basics and provide you with a free action plan template.

We are assuming you already have your goals, if not, we encourage you to revisit our blogs about SMART Goals Examples and How to Set Them and SMART Goals Examples (part 2) so you can begin right away, because this blog is about how to trace a map, and to use a map, so you need a destination.



Free action plan template

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Well, now that you’re ready, we need to define an action plan so we can achieve what we want to, and this action plan must be very specific. This doesn’t need to be perfect but you need to start somewhere.

We’re providing a basic template about what an action plan must have. You can use it in any way you want and feel free to change it as needed according to your needs. We will explain what is this about, every part of the template and the meaning and importance of this.

An action plan as its name says, it’s pretty obvious, a plan to follow, a plan with specific actions so you can have them clear and if you do every step, it will get you closer to the final goal you want to achieve.

It’s important that the plan must be written. You need this on paper and somewhere you can read it at least once a day.


Your goals must be in it.

Write some tasks you need to do to achieve your goal. We recommend at least five tasks (in short-term goals) and five tasks A DAY that can get you closer to your goal in case it’s a long-term or a complicated goal.

What is the success criteria of your task? If it’s done, what would it be like?

We’ve been very emphatic about your time frame, put some challenge time frames, to your tasks and to your goals.

free action plan templateCan you do all the tasks by yourself? Do you need someone else to help you to achieve your goal or the task at hand? Write it in this column, even if the resource is money, a car, a person, etc.

Who is in charge of the task? Probably you’re thinking about yourself, of course you are the main responsible for this! But in some cases, you need someone to help you here or if it’s a business plan you delegate to your team some of this tasks.

There’s also a column about progress, to keep track on every task you defined.

Finally, an accountability column about if the task is done or not. Don’t erase a task once it’s finished. When you’re advancing it’s ok, but if you feel stack somewhere in the future, you can go back and check how many tasks you’ve accomplished, this will give you a little bit of motivation to see how long you’ve come by now.

Now you can download your template and we wish you all the success in the world.

action plan template

Action Plan Template

Thank you for reading.

In Sales Now ! team.



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  1. I download your action plan template and I have to say it works pretty well. I finally found something that really works for me and my team. This is a great site and fool of terrific tools to use.

  2. This is a great template, I look for some information on action plans, and I found this which I believe it summarizes all of the main points you need to an action plan. Now that this is a sales website, do you have another guide we can follow, for example, to face prospects? Thank you for your help.

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