Find Your Passion, Find Your Niche

Find your Passion, Find your Niche, decide who you help.

Defining who you are going to help is one step of the process of building a website or starting a business.

It’s important for you to know who you are directing your efforts. This is another blog of the series GET PAID FOR YOUR OPINION, so I am going to focus this marketing tips on building a website so you can get paid for it.

Why targeting is critical?

It is important to know who you are helping to achieve their goals. Until you have this clear as crystal, until you defined your target market it is very easy to miss your target. You cannot shot to your target in the mist, you will fail. Wanting to help is not enough, but really helping someone.

As an online marketer (you do not have to be an expert as we established before, but it is important to start using these correct terms) you will start using the term niche.

Niche, according to, is (3.) a distinct segment of a market. A niche is your helping area. It is your expert area.

It is also important to find a profitable niche so your business will be successful, but don’t stress out yet, almost every niche is profitable but you should know how to exploit it.

Find Your Passion Find Your Niche 1

Find your Passion, Find your Niche

In the website from Wealthy Affiliate, you can find a very useful information about this, here, you can access a video on How to Find a profitable niche.

How to Find a Profitable Niche

A target market (niche) is the group of people you are helping as I said. You can narrow it down in some ways as age, income, geographically, needs, etc. Defining it well helps you to focus your marketing efforts.

Choosing the right niche makes it so much easier for the right clients to find you! So then, you can convert those visit into real money.

For example, you love to bake, so you choose “cookie baking” as your niche. You can start delivering value teaching people how to bake cookies, choco-chip cookies, cookies with flavours, etc., then, you can recommend products (ovens, blenders, specific ingredients, etc.) and earn a commission through affiliate marketing. You can also sell your cookies or recipes at your website.

Find Your Passion Find Your Niche 2Think in your own experience, it probably shows you that you are not attracted to products or services designed to help “everyone”. People like to purchase solutions that are specific to their problem.

There are some important places to learn about niche. I really like all the training about this at Wealthy Affiliate.

As I explained some posts ago, WA is a place where you can learn about affiliate marketing, but also, you can interact with thousands of people doing the same, you can ask questions and get REAL answers.

You can sign up for free. Do it and take advantage of the first 7-day bonus, look for specific topics, but in the niche case, you can find some videos or post about it, look for some here:

How to Become an Expert in Any Niche

Choose a Niche (Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started)

Live Video Classes: Live Niche Case Study: Research to Rank

Get 100 free ideas: List of 100 Niches

Recommendation: do not spend lots of time looking for your niche, spend 10-15 minutes. You can change later if you do not like it.

Take advantage of those tips and start for free. Increase your Sales Effectiveness!

Look for future post on the series.

5 thoughts on “Find Your Passion, Find Your Niche”

  1. This is a very interesting topic. Sometimes we think that finding a niche is easy but I’ve been experiencing some difficulties about this, I finally found it but I don’t know how to exploit it. Do you have any link in your website to help me do something with that?

    1. Hello, Carla, thank you for your question and your comment. First of all, it’s great you found your niche. The next step to me is you start building your website, it could be free or you can invest a little money on a domain name and a premium membership. If you want to start learning how to do it and have a profitable business, I recommend you to read: How-to Affiliate Marketing and if you want to buy a domain name, you can do it within that site or read How to purchase a domain name?. That’s it! quite simple! let us know how your business will go.

  2. It is great the way you put this. Your niche is your passion, if you write with this in mind I’m sure you’ll improve your consumer experience, increase revenues, and cut costs.

    This is by following a special technique?

    1. Hello, Karrie. It is not about special technique, it is about a well-known business strategy called Affiliate Marketing. If you want to follow a guide you should read our review about Wealthy Affiliate. It is a complete system for you to succeed.

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