Enjoy Your Day – Morning Routine For Energy

How can you enjoy your day and maximize every hour so you, as a salesperson or as an entrepreneur (almost the same) take advantage of every moment?

I read a couple of months ago, a very interesting article at Business Insider named: This 24-minute morning routine will energize your whole day; I like to excerpt some of the main points I found useful and you may take advantage of those.

They start telling if you maximize your day, you can maximize your pocket. That is something you can be aware of.

Enjoy Your Day 0Those 24 minutes are divided into 6 basic steps as follows:

1. Brush your teeth (2 minutes)
2. Drink water (1 minute)
3. Meditate (7 minutes)
4. Focus (5 minutes)
5. Exercise (7 minutes)
6. Stretch (2 minutes)

Based on those six steps, you can start your day with energy and this routine can set you up for “massive success the whole day”.

Think about it. Don’t you have 24 minutes if they will bring you back massive success? We’ll have to try it at least.

Let’s see every step one by one:

1. Brush your teeth
So one of the best things you can do when you get up is to take two minutes to thoroughly brush your teeth and tongue to get rid of the influx of nighttime bacteria.

2. Drink water
Your body and brain need water after your sleep.

Enjoy Your Day 13. Meditate
Six to seven minutes first thing in the morning is a great way to start off the day with a calm, clear head.

4. Focus
For five minutes try to deliberately walk through the actions and needs of the day.

5. Exercise
Working out and moving is a huge part of building massive success.

6. Stretch
After the quick blast of physical movement — stretch! Taking two minutes to stretch every day will greatly improve your flexibility of body and mind.

That’s it, sound pretty simple, doesn’t it?

Read the full article in the link given above and let me know if you tried and succeed with that routine.


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