Elevator Pitch Examples

Have you ever heard the term “elevator pitch”? Have you ever think about it? Do you know how to build an effective one? We can give you some advices on this topic so you can build your own and grab more clients faster and effectively.


According to Wikipedia, an Elevator Pitch is a short summary used to quickly and simply define a profess, product, service, organization, or event and its value proposition.

It continues:

“The name “elevator pitch” reflects the idea that it should be possible to deliver the summary in the time span of an elevator ride, or approximately thirty seconds to two minutes and is widely credited to Ilene Rosenzweig and Michael Caruso (while he was Editor for Vanity Fair) for its origin. The term itself comes from a scenario of an accidental meeting with someone important in the elevator. If the conversation inside the elevator in those few seconds is interesting and value adding, the conversation will either continue after the elevator ride, or end in exchange of business cards or a scheduled meeting.”

I liked to highlighted the “thirty seconds” approach. This should be the right time to grab your prospects attention.

Sometimes ten to thirty seconds is all you’ll have to state who you are and what you can do.

elevator pitch examples 2

What is the beauty of it?

First, this helps you say with ease and confidence what you do and for whom.
Second, it also allows others to spread the word about you.

Elevator Pitch Examples

Now it’s your turn to think about your own elevator pitch. What do (or will) you do and for whom?

Let’s follow some simple steps and then, compare it to the examples below.

1. Who do you help? (think about your niche, if you’re not sure about ir, read our post FIND YOUR PASSION, FIND YOUR NICHE.
2. How your are going to help them?

I help A with B, this should be… yes! that simple!

If you are not completely sure, you could ask yourself, “Is my niche too broad?” and what things, specifically you do, to help them.

Test your elevator pitches with your friends, family, co-workers, roommates, etc., put on test with everybody until you feel comfortable and people remember it. Embrace their feedback. That can help you improve your elevator pitch and really make it sing and catchy.

Here you are some elevator pitches examples” you can use to build yours:

elevator pitch examples 1I help start-up software companies to pack their product to market faster.
I teach how to bake a cake at home in 3 easy steps.
I help families how to adopt a pet.
I show people who need to buy a car how to get the best price.
I teach salespeople how to build an effective elevator pitch in just one post.
I show people how to save thousands of dollars on their plumbing expenses, by doing it themselves.
I teach how to make jewelry you can sell to earn money.


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