Effective Communication For The Workplace

I like to share with you my appreciation about an effective communication for the workplace using an specific tool: RingCentral. Communication skills are pretty important but lots of people forget about the tools to an effective one.

Tools are important because they can help you increase our effectiveness at work and most important, improve our communication channels with our clients.

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Effective Communication For The Workplace

Read carefully, I’m not talking about an effective communication in the workplace but “for” the workplace.

I’m pretty sure you know there are now lots of ways to communicate with our customers, through social network, email or phone (those are the most common ones). Which one do you prefer? but which one does your customer prefer?

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Voice communication is the most effective right now, although email or social media can be the most common, there is no doubt it is always better to talk to someone and explain our problems and get an immediate response.

Businesses used to have PBX at their facilities. PBX, in case you don’t know, is what enable us to answer the phone at work, to have a central number where everybody at the company are connected. But it brings problems of maintenance, operations costs, technology obsolescence, etc.

It is also possible you have a smartphone that comes with you everywhere but if you are traveling in your country you may have problems with operators, coverage and outside your country with roaming cost.


Lower expenses

This is where RingCentral comes to play.

RingCentral takes advantage of today’s broadband Internet connections and they provide a Hosted PBX or a cloud service.

You just have to register for an account, configure the service on a Web Portal and it is ready to use.

This service brings small and medium companies (and solo professionals) a broad set of capabilities like the voice but includes videoconferencing as well.

You don’t need to install anything at your facilities, just with that, you are lowering your expenses in a terrific way.

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Watch this 1 minute video to see how a cloud-based system works:


Some capabilities

Registration is quick and you receive a phone number by email. A business can transfer an existing phone number or maybe request a toll-free number. With that number you can create extensions, defined call queues, set up a call attendant, rules for forwarding, voice mail, etc.
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It can also integrate with lots of other services like Google, Outlook, Dropbox, Office 365, Oracle and SalesForce among others.

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Can your business communications keep up?

This is another one minute video to see this tool in action:


Is there anything else?

Of course there is.
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You can have other services like Contact Center on the cloud and a Fax server, and the best, a Professional Service for inbound call management for mobile professionals.

You also can visit RingCentral website and access a ROI calculator so you can see for yourself how much you gain with this service.

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In conclusion

With RingCentral, your businesses get a really good, affordable, flexible, cloud-based telecommunication service with lots of advanced features at a fair price (sometimes I think it is inexpensive).


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Easy to use


Easy to manage


Scales up as needed and easy


Mobile support



  • Very easy to set up and manage
  • Add or delete extensions as needed
  • Advanced features for a PBX
  • It supports mobile
  • Mobile apps to manage the service


  • It requires time to learn all the tricks
  • You need a good internet connections