e-Commerce Business Models

The new market brings us new forms of businesses. I’ll give you some e-commerce business models you can use to monetize your site and earn some money. Just follow these examples and take action to start your site.

If you are looking where to begin, this article can provide you with some ideas, although the entire website is full of them on how to produce some money on Internet.

Also, if you are short of money, you can start for FREE. Read how I started, that I actually spending little sums of money (basically the domains and a subscription) and running some businesses and earning some money.

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e-Commerce Business Models

Now, let’s cut to the chase. I’ll explain briefly on some Internet business models (e-commerce) and explain them a little bit. There are lots of tutorials you can follow if you take the action on the post I just recommend.

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Niche marketing

Niche marketing is about promoting and specific niche, one you are dedicated for or you may want to dedicate and study and investigate. It is basically about choosing a product or service and serve an specific market segment, what we call a niche. The more specific, the better.

I also wrote about how to find your niche, to follow your passion on the post: FIND YOUR PASSION, FIND YOUR NICHE if you want to check that out.

If you are struggling looking for keywords to find your exact niche, read: REVIEW: BEST KEYWORD TOOL.

Monetization is about putting affiliate marketing links in you site.


Authority Site

An authority site is pretty much what In Sales Now! is about. It is a more aggressive plan than marketing your niche. I’ve been in sales since I was a little boy, but professionally for the last 8 years now.

I’ve read and studied lots of books, took courses and took workshops and now, I decided to share all that knowledge with you. I’m hoping every day you find this website useful, I love sales, I love business and now I love Internet. That’s what an authority site supposed to be about.

If you are looking to develop this, look for a good domain name that describes your niche in a broader way. If you don’t know how to purchase a domain name, I recommend you this post: HOW TO PURCHASE A DOMAIN NAME.

Again: Monetization is about putting affiliate marketing links in you site.

Market Your Service

If you are thinking to sell your services in Internet, you can start your website and describe your offer, it could be after you consolidate your Authority Site and sell your services. It will be better and easier if you have lots of traffic coming to your site.

There are other ways like Fiverr, for example, I put a service in Fiverr on how to build your business, there is an english and a spanish version. Visit: My GIGS

Local Marketing and Local Business

It’s about to sell your services locally. Go a look for customers, start a physical small business, market it in your website but in local websites as well.

It’s hard and requires time but Internet can be truly useful. This is not just e-Commerce Business Models but they can use Internet and that’s why I’m writing them here.

Lifestyle Blog

It’s pretty much like an authority blog but you can write and rewrite articles from other people, comment them, comment on reports and suggestions, follow trends, start a vBlog on YouTube or something similar, write about travels, food, restaurants, etc. Concepts vary from each other, but you can be creative. Monetization can be also from affiliate marketing or ads in your site.


Develop your own product

You can create your own product, develop it digitally, or if it is physical product, start an online store. With your blog, you can sell your products so people can download them or you send shipping to other places using regular mail services, FedEx, UPS or others. This could be one of the more profitable ways of e-Commerce Business Models.

Site Flipping

You can mix elements of all the others. Set up a site very quickly, by choosing a topic, structuring the site, building content fast, get them start to make money but, as soon as you start make money, sell your site for a bigger number to someone else who needs the cash flow but doesn’t want to start from zero.

Adsense Site

Google AdSense or similar can be another way. You’ll see money after lots of traffic came to your site, but it’s pretty easy to put ads in your site. With this, you don’t have to promote nothing at all, Google makes it for you.

All of these formulas apply to e-Commerce Business Models and at the end, remember, you need traffic, this can be free or paid traffic. More traffic = More Money.

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