Digital Marketing Trends 2016

Now that we are at the beginning of a new year, it’s time to review some digital marketing trends for this 2016 and some information on how we can take advantage of them to our businesses and our sales.

This 2015 was quite interesting. There were lots of new features and ideas about digital marketing, for example, this website: In Sales Now! was launched 🙂

Digital Marketing Trends 2016

We, as digital marketers, should expect some things to happen in this 2016 as a difference of 2015. I have to clarify these are trends and not are predictions, nobody has a fortune teller in their pockets.

Digital Marketing Trends 2016

Content is still the king but creativity will be a must

Keep building content! People look for content and that won’t change this year. But of course, as search engines get more complex and learn every year, creativity should be the most important thing to build that content.

Creativity comes to Infographics, Videos, Podcasts, Games or Apps, or whatever you “create”. That will make you site different and will be getting you more customers.

I think that more interactive content will bring you more success.

Get in the niche

As The Internet is loaded with lots of information, getting the right niche will provide you with the best income you can imagine. People are looking for more specific things. Take care of the Long Tail on your niche and make it rocks!

You’ll see lots of people starting their own online business, you can start one by your own by little or not money at all.

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Soon, you’ll find yourself competing with lots of people posting content just like yours. I’m pretty sure you can find lots of posts similar to this one. Grab your audience attention. I hope I’m doing this 🙂

Complement your website with social posts, newsletter, promotions, reviews and some other ways to keep your customer focused.

Remember to be patient, digital marketing takes time.


Affiliate marketing is still the best way to build an income


Some people may say that affiliate marketing is dead but they are so wrong.

Getting into the right niche will bring you the possibility to provide more resources on specific suppliers and manufacturers.

Affiliate marketing will still be the best way to earn a secure, risk-free and easy income of all the ways to make money on the Internet.

See where I’m learning everyday about affiliate marketing.

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Digital Marketing Trends 2016

Social media is no longer free

Do you want your posts to be relevant on Facebook or any other social media places? you have to pay for it. That is how they are doing business now and Facebook left to be free 2015 and you’ll have to keep paying for positioning on 2016.

This is an important thing to notice because social media plays a tremendous role for digital marketers. So, keep a budget for your campaigns. This will be the major Digital Marketing Trends 2016, continuing with the tendency from 2015.

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I like to emphasize that Digital Marketing Trends 2016 I think will happen and that I explained here are just that, trends, anything can happen in this year and change them, these are not exact predictions, just “educated guesses”. Hope you like the article and I’m expecting your comments below.

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