Digital Marketing Strategy Book

Today, for the Book Club, I’m recommending a Digital Marketing Strategy Book that is quite useful when you are exploring this topic.

Digital Marketing Strategy Book


Title of the Book: Digital Marketing Strategy: Text and Cases

This is the Book Description:

Digital Marketing Strategy emphasizes how digital technologies make marketing more effective because they allow for individual attention, better campaign management, and better product, marketing design, and execution. The book does not ignore the fundamental theories of marketing, but emphasizes their usefulness in developing a response to the threats and opportunities created by the Internet.

You can get it HERE or by clicking the image below:

In case you already read it, I like to leave here another recommendation. This is also quite good. I think that with one of them you must be ok, but, if you want to read both, be my guest.

Title of the Book: E-Marketing

This is the book description:

Directed primarily toward students taking a course on Marketing in the Internet, this text also teaches professional marketers how to engage and listen to buyers, and how to use what they learn to improve their offerings in today’s Internet- and social media-driven marketing environment.

Follow the link below to buy the book or click HERE:

Please, let us know what you think about those books and if you want to comment or recommend any other book, you’ll be more than welcome in this Digital Marketing Strategy Book post.

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