Data Integrity Definition

Data Integrity is definitely something you need to consider in order to be successful, even for your own databases or your customer information. Let’s start with the data integrity definition.

It’s important because if you are keeping records of your clients, some written or excel works you did from them or even for yourself, you need incredible tools that can assure you that the integrity of the information won’t suffer and your work get lost.

This could not be just an exact sales material, but if you have been working for some time, you should really understand how your data is important for your success.


Data Integrity Definition

Data Integration definition starts by referring the maintaining and assuring of your data, from the accuracy and consistency to critical aspects of it, in the whole lifecycle of it.

It is a critical aspect of the data integrity definition to consider the design, implementation, and operation on any of the systems that keep the data. Also, you have to consider the processes of adding new data as retrieving it from the storage devices.

I’m not entering in full technical detail, it’s just a way to prove that if you are a small business owner, medium business owner or a freelancer, data integrity should be one of your concern.

Data Integrity Definition

Also, if you have an online business, take care of data integrity definition to check that this is really important.

Have you ever been working in your computer in a super important document and the computer crash? Have you ever found your website has been hacked and you lose all your data?

It is incredibly frustrating to see any of that happen.

You should ensure that your data will keep the integrity, it should be recorded exactly as intended. And of course, after retrieval, the data should be the same.

Summarizing, data integrity definition aims to prevent unintentional changes to information.

Types of integrity

There are two types of integrity you should consider, physical and logical.

The physical integrity is about the way to storage and fetches the data. It is related to electromechanical faults, material fatigue, technological obsolescence and some other environmental problems.

Some of the physical integrity are about hardware redundancy, regular backups, security issues, and some others.

The logical integrity aims to the unintended changes of the data due to software problems. It could be just from a single pixel to a business-critical database.

Both types encounter common challenges inside the data integrity definition such a design flaws, major force situations and the most common, human errors.

Microsoft Store

Ways to handle data integrity

There are some ways to handle data integrity, let’s see two particular examples.

Nowadays, it is easier than ever to assure the data integrity, if you choose the right tools!

Let’s imagine you are handling an online business.

Physical integrity is handled through backup storage, hardware redundancy, if you have servers at home or a small data center, you have to hire a professional staff to do that; or better, you can hire a service that provides everything you need. Like the one you get at Wealthy Affiliate.

But, you still have the thing of logical integrity, not at Wealthy Affiliate but at your home. You use your computer to write and to work from home or from office. Then, you can have Microsoft Office 365 to control your work, your datasheets, and your presentation. For example, watch the next video for this:

You can get your Office 365 licence at an incredible price at Microsoft’s store:

Microsoft Store
At the end, these are just a few forms to how Data Integrity Definition works and is applied to your success in your business and sales.

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