Calendars And Planners 2016

Are calendars and planners for 2016 obsolete? Think about this: Have you ever been with someone who takes out his computer in a meeting or take notes in the smartphone and, you feel strange like they are not paying attention?

We, as salespeople, need to be careful with these details. You must not make your client feel unimportant, actually, they are your most important asset, they put money in your pocket.

Printed Calendars, Planners and Organizers are still valuable and needed. I don’t like to take out my smartphone to make an appointment or take notes during a meeting. It’s true that people still feel you are checking your What’s App, your checking your social media or maybe chatting with someone.

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It happens the same with the computer, you have to be very careful to pay attention.

And old technique that is always valid, is to take note or bring an organizer to your meeting with the customer. If you interact in paper, your customer will feel more important.

It’s probably uncomfortable for you to carry a printable agenda but it will be useful.

With printed calendars happen something very funny, people tend to think better if they see a printed calendar in their office wall with all the task at hand than having them in a computer. Take a try.

Calendars, planners and organizers, specially the printed ones, are cheaper than ever.

I can recommend you to go to Amazon and check those. I’m providing a link here so you can go directly to the page where they sell all of this office supplies.

Calendars, Planners and Organizers 2016

Grab one for 2016, I’m pretty sure I’m buying one now before they come up in price as soon as 2016 arrives.

   Get your 2016 Calendars, Planners and Organizers   

As a matter of fact, I’m attaching here a widget from Amazon so you can search for your calendars according to your own taste directly from here:

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