Business Marketing Promotion Online

Business Marketing Promotion Online could be very difficult these days because there are lots of competitors in Internet looking for your customer attention. But there is a concept about Positioning you must put into practice.

You may have clicked this post wondering what Kermit has to do with Online Promotion. It’s because Kermit is usually related to Fun! Even if this post could be boring :S (hope not!) you’ll probably read to the end when I’m telling you it has lots to do with marketing.

Promotion, Advertising and Marketing Positioning must be fun in order to grab your prospects attention and get them involved with your product. You can visit our page where you can find our partnership with RingCentral if you need to improve your communications with your customers. Click here.


If you can get their hooked to your idea, they’ll remember you when they look for something to buy, related to what you sell for, that’s positioning.

When we were looking for some complement material to provide more useful information, we came down to the next video you may enjoy:

Funny advertising it’s not just about being funny, but must evoque some strong feelings to be effective.

At this moment, if you can’t do advertising as the videos above, try to use images with people having fun to promote your products or services, for example, could you tell us what feelings brings some of the pictures below?

Business Marketing Promotion Online 1

Business Marketing Promotion Online 2Business Marketing Promotion Online 3 


Do you feel well thinking about their feelings?

If not, you may get checked by a shrink! Just kiding!

These techniques may not work for everybody, but it is more than proved that work for most people.

Improve your communications and the way you reach your customer. As we said before, click here to visit our recommendation.

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