Be Real, Be Authentic

Last week Internet was shocked by Essena O’Neill’s decision of leaving social media, it’s a lesson on “be real, be authentic”.

For those who haven’t heard of her, she is a teenage girl with lots of “success” on Internet, something any online marketer desires. For example, she has more than 570,000 Instagram followers, 250,000 YouTube subscribers, like 60,000 Snapchat contacts and she earned an income from social media as a “social celebrity”.

If you are running an online business, even if you are a newbie or an expertise, you know those number are truly desired because they gave you exposition, money, popularity, etc., and that is what happened to her. She became a celebrity but there was a price she was paying.



I’m not critizing her, not at all, I think that her decision of leaving social media is a great decision and she’s tremendously brave, and this can teach us two important lessons: not everything is about popularity, not everything is about money.


Be Real, Be Authentic

All of her suffering (as she claimed) came from trying to be someone she’s not, for trying to placed everybody which of course it’s difficult.

We might try to discuss lots of things about this case: is she too young to handle that pressure? was she trying to be liked? is there an addiction to Internet and likes? you think of a question, you name it.

As I said, I’m not judging her or anybody on Internet. I think you must follow your bliss. If you’re happy taking yourself “selfies”, then do it, it doesn’t matter if people call you narcissist, it’s your life.

I do not support hurting or bullying anybody. I’m just saying you have to be real, be authentic and you won’t suffer trying to do something you are not or something you are not happy about.

I post this here because I also want to learn a lesson from her. If you are in marketing or running an online business you’ll probably try to do lots of things to get that amount of traffic into your site, but, please, don’t try to overexposed your self or your life to something you are not. In the long term, you’ll regret it.

If you are not authentic at what you are doing, you will pay the price and believe me, it doesn’t worth it.


Business thoughts

Nowadays, with everybody connected in a huge technological platforms (TV, Smartphones, BluRays, computers, iPads, etc.), having information in just a click, everybody will find information about us anytime they need it.

If you want to look for something about a person you don’t have to spend more than five minutes to find something, could be through Google, YouTube, Facebook or any other social media platform.

You have two choices: don’t do anything on Internet or expose yourself or be transparent, be real, be authentic and you won’t have any problem. With “you” I mean your business or your company or yourself if you are trying to run a small company or if you depend on your image.


Be careful with Internet

Don’t believe all that you read on the Internet.

I’m quoting her:

“Without realising, I’ve spent the majority of my teenage life being addicted to social media, social approval, social status and my physical appearance. Social media, especially how I used it, isn’t real,”

She also revealed that many of her natural photos seems natural, those were manufactured and been publish because she was paid to do so.

Final thoughts

Here is her latest video where you can listen to her testimonial:



She is not leaving completely, she’s now running website that claims to help others in the same situation as she is, if you are interested in more of her saying, you can check:

Let’s Be Game Changers

And remember, popularity could be a just one day thing, or maybe, lots of day, but at what price. My advice here is don’t forget to be you, be real, be authentic. Hope you like the post and I’m waiting for your comments below.

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