Be Better At Workflow

Everything you do at work or with your team matters to produce more and consequently earn more. To be better at workflow allows teams to work in a harmonic way and increase their productivity improving time management and having happy people doing their tasks.

Lots of productivity related concepts are directly ligated to time management systems. A few months ago, we wrote about this topic oriented to PERSONAL TIME MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES. All of these strategies apply to teams, with some changes we will review next.



Time management system allows you to focus on your task and put your thoughts in a management system, a trusted one that increases your concentration to get more things done, and of course, more important ones.

These techniques make you more efficient, you produce things in an excellence way. But, when you are working with teams, you just don’t toss your thoughts, ideas and task on paper. Imagine the mess if your coworkers do the same and in no particular order.

Of course you feel more relaxed and organized but when you realize your job is not well coordinates you just feel more stress and probably, more desperate and more disappointed that the system is not working.

Be Better At Workflow 3

Be better at workflow

Knowing this, you probably came up with the question if there has to be a better way to manage your team efforts. And there is a real simple system for dealing with tasks, ideas, projects and appoinments (among others) in your head and your teams heads.

Any idea you have you should collect it, anything you feel incomplete or anything you thing you have to deal later. Write them down. You also can do the exercise in your personal life, after all, we related to others in our personal life (family, friends, hobbies, etc.).

Once thoughts are out of your head, and your team’s, you don’t have to worry about organizing them, but for know, make sure you cover all your ideas.



Then, it came the PROCESS. You’ll find your self with a pile of notes (physically or in your phone) and you may think… what now? that’s a lot to process!

Be Better At Workflow 2Yes, but, once or twice a day at least (actually it doesn’t matter how often), go through this pile and do something with it. Don’t trash it, that is no what I meant !

Instead, ask if you can do something about one item in particular, for example, is this task actionable? does this item lead to some sort of action?

If no is the answer to any of this questions, then YES! now you have permission to trash it! or maybe you want to keep it for future reference (file it). Ideas can also require more time to incubate, to be greater.

Going back to action, ask your team if it is something it can be solve in the next two minutes and do it in case the answer is affirmative.

After these exercises, your pile should look more … easy? manageable?

Be Better At Workflow 1

Connect your team tasks. Organize.

At this point, you can delegate your tasks, appointments, ideas, etc. Not important issues can be defer to be take care of at same future date.

It is pretty important that your team know their task, what is expected from any of the members and the workflow that came after the task is done.

When your team start to see tasks and actions completed, they will feel more confident about the work they are doing and the contribution to the company.

If everybody knows what they should do, they focus on the task at hand and look for the results the team expects from him. Set deadlines and go to the next step.

As time goes by, the final part of the process to be better at workflow y the review process.

So far, everything has been about doing things. Now, it’s about reviewing what has been done. Accountability is important in every company or team.

It’s easy to see if the team failed so we can change things or if there are achievements to celebrate. Daily, weekly, monthly reviews? whatever suits you. It depends on your project and your business.

These concepts require practice and dedication, I hope you can improve your workflow and increase your productivity. Any question, please let me know.



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